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Bill Gates Research Paper

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❶Nevertheless, potentially there were serious threats to Microsoft leadership in the industry at the beginning.

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In stark contrast, it was Bill Gates who created new knowledge and actually made the history of personal computer software and IT. In such a way, it is possible to estimate that Bill Gates basically relied on the innovative character of his work that was an important factor that contributed to his success and the positive achievements of the company he headed along with his partner Paul Allen, Microsoft.

At the same time, it should be pointed out that Bill Gates could not found his own company at the very beginning of his professional career. Instead, he had to work for other companies and people before becoming an owner of his own company.

This fact is really important because while doing these jobs Bill Gates could have an excellent opportunity to practice and acquire essential experience in his work. To put it more precisely, this was an essential experience because it would be really dangerous to his own company if Bill Gates started experiments which were not based on any past experience in the company of his own. In actuality, this would be a great threat to his company and his future career because any serious failure would undermine his financial position and, what is more, the failure in his own company could deteriorate his public image as a successful and young leader of the company dealing with innovative technologies.

On the other hand, as Bill Gates came to Microsoft well-prepared, he could fully realize his ideas and projects in practical life because he had already acquired certain experience and, as he founded his own company, he could act independently from others. Consequently, the combination of experience and innovations brought first successes to Bill Gates in his company.

At the same time, it is necessary to underline that Bill Gates paid a lot of attention to innovations which contributed significantly to his successes. No wonder, he is considered to be one of the most progressive businessmen and IT specialists in the modern world. Furthermore, it should be said that Bill Gates had chosen a really perspective direction in his professional career.

In fact, he started his work at the dawn of the era of personal computers. This is why he and his companion actually started to develop software for personal computers that brought them tremendous success. Obviously, this was quite a risky step because Bill Gates started to work in the new field but he turned to be conscious enough of the perspectives of computer and software industry that also determined his future successes because he managed to become among the leaders of this industry since he was the first, or at least, among the first people and businessmen who actively applied their knowledge to the development of personal computers and software.

However, it is necessary to underline that his gift in programming was just a half of his general success, though his leadership qualities had already become obvious as he started to develop new technologies. Another considerable part of his success was determined by his gift as a successful business leader. In this respect, it should be said that it was not enough to invent new software but it was also extremely important to successfully implement and sell it.

This is exactly where the talent of Bill Gates as a successful businessman was revealed. It should be said that Bill Gates managed to organize a company, Microsoft, regardless his early age and, what is more, this company became an effective organization where he could realize his own ideas and where his products could be created and sold. Obviously, this was the project that could hardly be developed by an ordinary individual but only by a leader that ha certain charisma due to which Bill Gates united his friends and colleagues.

In fact, it was Bill Gates who actually inspired his friends to work together in Microsoft. Even though this company was new his friends agreed to work in Microsoft that perfectly illustrated the talent of Bill Gates as a manager.

In this respect, it should be said that all the employees of Microsoft were talented people who could easily find a good and perspective job in any other respectable company which position in the market were considerably better compared to that of Microsoft. Moreover, Bill Gates himself could also be successfully employed in one of the leading American companies.

However, he wanted to develop his own business, being independent from any other company. This is why he initiated the creation of Microsoft. Naturally, it is possible to understand his desire to be independent and develop a company where he could realize his ideas but, it is quite difficult to realize how his friends and partners agreed to participate in this project.

In actuality, this apparently risky decision was taken under the impact of Bill Gates. It is due to his leadership qualities he managed to convince his friends to join his company and work together in Microsoft. This was really important because he really needed the support of reliable people whom he could trust because to realize the projects of Microsoft the entire team should be extremely enthusiastic and full of conscious of its future success and Bill Gates managed to inspire the team and make all its members to believe in the perfect future of the company.

At the same time, as the first success came, Bill Gates did not stop progressing, he did not sale his company, as many other gifted people did when they first significant success, instead he kept progressing and focused on the further development and promotion of his company. It is necessary to underline that again Bill Gates demonstrated his talent of a successful business leader.

He was conscious of the fact that Microsoft operated in the innovative field and, in actuality, the company had a few competitors. Nevertheless, potentially there were serious threats to Microsoft leadership in the industry at the beginning. This is why it was really important to maintain the leading position of the company in the market in the situation when the competition was constantly growing.

Naturally, it was possible to develop new technologies which could put the company in the advantageous position compared to its major competitors and so Microsoft did but, in addition, Bill Gates managed to achieve practically the monopolistic position of Microsoft in the market.

In actuality, even nowadays, the company is the unquestionable leader of the industry while its competitors are so weak that they remain in the shadow of Microsoft which operates worldwide and which products are the most popular in the world market of software products.

Nowadays, Bill Gates does not seem to give up. Even though there is a growing opposition from the part of competitors and national government throughout the world, Microsoft still remains the world leader in its segment of the market and, what is more, the company tends to diversification of products offered to its customers Edstrom and Eller Naturally, the role of Bill Gates in this process is still very important because it is him who keeps the company pushing in the world market and it is due to his leadership qualities he manages to work the multinational company as a solid and united organization the work of all units of which is coordinated.

First of all, it should be said that he started his career at the very early age. This is why it is possible to estimate that he was focused on his work from the beginning of his career. To put it more precisely, it should be said that professional growth was actually not the major goal of his life but it is rather his career constituted a natural part of his life. This means that career was secondary to Bill Gates but his ideas he wanted to realize were prior to his professional success and this may be viewed as strength of this leader.

In this respect, it should be said that his enthusiasm and interest to personal computers and software was that ideological basis that helped him to unite his friends and create Microsoft. At the same time, it is obvious that he played the leading role in this new organization even though his partners and colleagues were also quite gifted people.

This means they were really successful in programming and developing software but they could hardly be viewed as successful leaders or businessmen. In stark contrast, Bill Gates was that person that had the idea that made all these people work together in one company. It should be said that Bill Gates was the leader that invented the idea and spread it throughout his team. In fact, it is hardly possible to estimate that Bill Gates was in an advantageous position compared to his patterns in Microsoft at first years of functioning of the company.

As it has already been mentioned above, Microsoft in first years of its existence was a team of talented enthusiasts which worked in the innovative industry. This is why the role of Bill Gates can hardly be underestimated because he possessed that power, that charisma that helped him convince all those who joined him in Microsoft that this company would have success.

However, he started to demonstrate his strengths as a leader even at the earlier age as he started to work on programming at the age of 13 while he had been attending a school.

It should be said that he demonstrated his ability to resist to his surrounding and he would never give up to circumstances. Practically, this means that, being a young boy, he could be easily influenced by his parents, teachers, peers, and other people that surrounded Bill Gates at that epoch. Nevertheless, Bill Gates paid little attention to his environment and acted according to his internal inclinations. This characteristic of him indicates to the fact that Bill Gates was a really independent person that perfectly realized what he actually wanted to achieve and, what is even more, he made the best he could to achieve his purposes.

At the same time, it is also important to underline that Bill Gates was able to foresee the further development of technologies and business. This is why he was always so successful in his inventions and business. To put it more precisely, he always worked in the field which was closely related to the implementation of new technologies. It is worthy of reminding that personal computers and software were quite innovative concepts for s.

Nevertheless, Bill Gates was convinced in the great perspectives computing and software had in the future. This is why he was so concerned about the development of software and, in such a situation, his decision to drop out of Harvard to create his own company seems to be quite natural. This step actually demonstrates the extent to which Bill Gates was sure in his own actions and in perspectives of the industry he worked in.

It was the decision that only a strong personality, a leader could take because he actually ruined all stereotypes concerning the traditional way of the career growth and professional development. Traditionally, it is believed that it is necessary to receive a higher education before starting a professional career, while Bill Gates easily rejected this biased view and, instead, decided to focus on the work he really liked.

He gave up studying when he realized that he would have a chance to realize himself and his potential in his professional work. His early efforts in programming eventually led him to the idea that he needed to create the company of his own where he could fulfill all his plans and ideas.

On the other hand, his decision to create his own company, even though he had not received a higher education yet, demonstrates the extent to which Bill Gates was ready to take risky decisions.

Obviously, the failure of Microsoft was quite probable, taking into consideration the early age of its founders and the team working within the company. Consequently, Bill Gates should be a really brave leader to create Microsoft. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that he was a real leader because it was him that convinced Paul Allen and other people who joined him in Microsoft because it was a really difficult decision to take.

In fact, it would be quite logical that Paul Allen and all the rest of Microsoft team simply rejected the proposition of Bill Gates to create the new company since they had good perspectives and could be easily employed in any other company Lowe He managed to convince his partners in the great perspectives they could have in Microsoft, though this was quite difficult to do because Microsoft was operating in the new field and this industry was still underdeveloped at that epoch.

In this respect, it should be said that Bill Gates turned to be a person that was able to overcome standard way of thinking and view the world in a different way. What is meant here is the fact that Bill Gates realized the great perspective of the company he wanted to create and he convinced his friends that this company could be really successful. It should be said that his enthusiasm and sincere belief in his success played an important role in the choice his friends made while taking decision to join Bill Gates in Microsoft.

His enthusiasm may be viewed as another strength of this leader because it helped encourage and inspire his surrounding to keep moving ahead regardless obvious difficulties that sprang everywhere on the way of Microsoft on its way to the world recognition Wallace and Erickson It is also important to underline that Bill Gates was a really talented person that also helped him be a strong leader.

In fact, since a very early age, he had demonstrated that he was a genius individual. It was practically improbably that a teenager could work on programming computers and was also quite difficult to believe that a man that had not got a higher education would have been able to run a company operating in the new industry of persona computers and software. However, due to his talent and leadership qualities Bill Gates managed to change the stereotypes and proved that he could achieve great results regardless the presumable lack of education, experience, etc.

It should be said that his talent was the source of his inspiration and his ideas because he managed to achieve positive results at a very early age due to his own inventions. Consequently, he was sincerely convinced in his ability to successfully implement his ideas in his own company and, what is more, he shared his conviction with the rest of Microsoft team. In his later life, Bill Gates revealed other leadership qualities which were really helpful in his work as a head of Microsoft and simply a successful businessman.

In this respect, it is worthy of mention the fact that Bill Gates constantly attempts to develop good relationships with all employees working in his company. While Gates pursued many people who wronged his company he continued to go after his dream of having a computer in every home. Bill Gates dream since he was in college was to have a computer available to everyone in their home. Originally his idea seemed silly to his friends, the thought that uneducated ordinary people without special training in computers would have access to one in their home, but to Gates it was a very real possibility.

His dreams are the reason that computers are now available at low prices and are easy to use and understand. Gates wanted this dream to become a reality so people could have easier access to information and to push the limits of technology further.

Due to the nonstop efforts of Bill Gates and his co workers computers are available in the majority of homes and also in libraries and other public places like hotels and internet cafes. Making computers accessible to the general public has made Gates a well liked man around the world. Bill Gates is a very well respected man to almost everyone in the world. His hard work and dedication to building his company without having it handed to him has gained him respect from many. Although throughout the years there have been times when Bill Gates has appeared rude and arrogant for example in his company lost a legal battle over Microsoft having monopoly over computers which lost him popularity in the publics eye India Today but he has always recovered his reputation.

Bill Gates has forever changed the way that people look at computers and has done the public a great service by improving technology which has improved the day to day lives of most Americans. Even though some many despise Gates because he is the most wealthy person in the world the general opinion of him is very positive.

By building the his company, protecting intellectual property that belonged to him, and making computers available to everyone in their home Bill Gates has permanently changed the way the world uses computers. His never ending hard work and constant need to improve upon his work has made Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the world. Although in the beginning his dreams and ideas of the technology of the future seemed frivolous to most they have now become a reality because Gates never gave up and pushed through the hard times to make his dreams come true.

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Bill Gates Research Paper Back in the day, your average person would go through their daily working life with just your simple pen and paper. Little did those people know that on October 28th, , a young boy born in Seattle named Bill Gates .

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Bill Gates Essay Words | 3 Pages. Bill Gates William H. Gates Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the leading provider, worldwide, of software for the personal computer. and employs more than 20, people in 48 countries.

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- Bill Gates Bill Gates is the Antichrist Ever since Microsoft was founded, Bill Gates has gained power over the people of the world by winning a monopoly in the computer-software industry. Bill Gates and his company prosecuted many individuals and companies for software theft to show the world that intellectual property cannot be stolen without punishment. In Gates noticed that there was a huge gap between the number of computers being sold each year and the number of computer software.

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Essay/Term paper: Bill gates Essay, term paper, research paper: Biography. See all college papers and term papers on biography. If you need a custom term paper on Biography: Bill Gates, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a . Jul 23,  · The paper focuses on Bill Gates as one of the most successful leaders in the modern world. At the beginning the major reasons that brought him the great success are discussed. After that his personality and activities are analyzed in terms of strong and negative aspects of leadership.