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Blood Diamond Movie Summary

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❶Employing the community is a positive side to the diamond industry, but the positives are definitely overtaken by negatives.

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For instance, the policy supports people in Africa by providing financial assistance and manpower to them in healthcare, education and many other ways.

Instead they believe that through educating them and guiding them with humanitarian laws and regulations, they will prosper, and diminish or end the illegal diamond trade Izhakoff, Many of the countries that were in conflict before the Kimberly process certification are now enjoying better living situations, access to healthcare, education, and have ended their illegal diamond trade.

The diamond industry and trade provides work for over 10 million people and brings economic stability to wherever the activity occurs. If the diamond trade is made completely illegal, these people will lose their jobs and some of those regions will not prosper. This being said, the global impact on the diamond industry made by the Kimberly process is evidently successful as the diamond trade today has many rewarding benefits on African and other countries.

In conclusion, the diamond trade helps benefits many economies and emerging countries deprived from infrastructure, healthcare and education. Further imposing sanctions on illegal trade and help make the rest of the world join the legal diamond trade and support the Kimberly process should help advance economies, help politically and economically stabilize African countries and diminish the illegal diamond trade.

The diamond trade can also help educate children around the world and provide many people with free healthcare. It can generate enormous GDP for exporting countries that will benefit and develop the infrastructure and education systems of such countries. Additional education about the illegal diamond trade may lead consumers to help stop the cruel intentions of rebel forces and the oppression they are imposing on their people. Smarter consumers will help stop buying illegal diamonds that harm many nations.

Zimbabwean diamonds still bloody. Background — Kimberly Process. Blood Diamonds — Conflict Diamonds. In How products are made, Retrieved from Encyclopedia. On the other hand, this valuable gem had become a source of horror and becomes a dreadful alarm, terrorizing the nations such as Sierra Leone, Angola, as well in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Blood diamond also known as the conflict diamond, the dirty diamond and the war diamond is the diamond which can be mined and excavated in a war zone and be sold.

The control over the diamond mines has become linked to the bloody civil wars filled with abuses, hostility, resentment and violence.

Blood diamond also known as the conflict diamonds are from areas wherein the recognized government is being opposed. This diamonds are all used to support and finance all kinds of the military actions in opposition to those governments.

In a universal point of view, diamonds are valued and are symbols of love as well as elegance and wealth of the beholder. But blood diamonds are actually be implicated with hate, violence and destructions. In several African nations diamond has become the means to power. It is said that most of the African warlords uses blood diamonds in order to finance wars. It had been recorded that thousands of people had been forced by the armies to search or mine diamonds.

Another sad fact is that the reward of theses people of the hard work of mining diamonds was more or less a mere cup of rice per day. During the civil war, part of the trade of the blood diamonds, people of Sierra Leone were maltreated by rebels, some had also lost there hands, arms and other body parts in the hands of the rebels. In , the United Nations forbid countries to diamonds from Angola.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It is and the troubled West African nation of Sierra Leone is ravaged by major political unrest. Rebel factions such as the Revolutionary United Front frequently terrorize the open countryside, intimidating Mende locals and enslaving many to harvest diamonds, which fund their increasingly successful war effort.

One such unfortunate is fisherman Solomon Vandy Djimon Hounsou , from Shenge, who has been assigned to a workforce overseen by a ruthless warlord, Captain Poison David Harewood. On a particularly tense morning, Vandy discovers an enormous pink diamond in the riverbank and buries it in the soft earth.

Captain Poison learns of the stone, but before he can act on this knowledge the area is raided by government security forces. Both men are subsequently incarcerated in Freetown along with Danny Archer Leonardo DiCaprio , a white Rhodesian gunrunner jailed while attempting to smuggle diamonds into Liberia for corrupt South African mining executive Rudolph van de Kaap Marius Weyers.

He then travels to Cape Town, meeting with his former military contacts, including Colonel Coetzee Arnold Vosloo — an Afrikaner late of the apartheid-era South African Defence Force now freelancing with a private military firm. The former returns to Sierra Leone, locates Vandy, and offers to help him find his family if he will recover his prize.

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Blood diamond also known as the conflict diamond, the dirty diamond and the war diamond is the diamond which can be mined and excavated in a war zone and be sold. The control over the diamond mines has become linked to the bloody civil wars filled with abuses, hostility, resentment and violence.

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In this essay I will be discussing the validity of this statement with reference to the market of the diamond industry, the diamond cartel, how the price of diamonds is set, and the implications thereof.

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An Analysis of the Movie, Blood Diamond Essay Words 5 Pages The movie "Blood Diamond" was released in and featured Leonardo Di Caprio as an arms smuggler whose main goal is to obtain a seemingly priceless diamond from a villager during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The purpose of this paper is to show individuals the truth behind the Blood Diamond industry that lies in West Africa, Sierra Leone. The Blood Diamond industry, best known in Sierra Leone, has been through numerous implications and struggles, which has made for an extremely intriguing and extensive analysis.

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The United States buy about 5,, diamonds which is sixty five percent of the world’s diamonds, but does this include blood diamonds? Blood diamonds are diamonds used to fund violent events such as civil war and terrorism. They are mined in war zones/combat areas. Blood diamonds are also known as war diamonds or conflict diamonds. Essay 3 (Blood Diamonds: A “Killer” Industry – Final Draft) The cultivation of blood diamonds have caused violence, warlords, child labor, and violation of human rights which have hindered the development and progress of African countries.