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Court Observation Paper Essay

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❶District Court Judge Marilyn L. A court of appeals functions in each of the 11 federal judicial circuits and in the District of Columbia; there is also a more specialized court with nationwide jurisdiction known as the court of appeals for the federal circuit.

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Published on February 15, Rebecca Thompson had never thought of a career in the law before a high school teacher encouraged her to enter an essay contest sponsored by the U. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Alexander Ashman also had given little thought to the law, until his history teacher introduced him to a Federal Bar Association national essay contest. I am so grateful that my teacher recommended this. Growing numbers of federal courts, along with judges in the Federal Judges Association and lawyers in the Federal Bar Association, are using essay contests to inform and inspire young people about how the Constitution and courts protect personal liberties.

The essays are intended to counteract a steep decline in civics awareness. A court of appeals functions in each of the 11 federal judicial circuits and in the District of Columbia; there is also a more specialized court with nationwide jurisdiction known as the court of appeals for the federal circuit. The federal district court and the court of appeals of the District of Columbia perform functions discharged in the states by state courts.

All lower federal courts operate under uniform rules of procedure promulgated by the Supreme Court. In other words, it treats these young criminal with kid glo At the time a juvenile is arrested, a decis Madison addressed the inherent need for mans activities to remain under some semblanc Congress the power to create lower federal courts U.

Under Congress, there are 13 U. Courts of Appeals, 94 U. Africans were seized from their homes in Africa and brought to the United States for profit. How can something that fits in the palm of ones hand evoke such cultural tension and strife? The offender was a 15 year old white male. After that, the judge advised the defendant of his rights and that he has a right to speak to his attorney at any time during the trial.

Judge Dingell then asked both attorneys to go into his chambers with him. He told me, before the trial started, that he does this in every case to see if the two sides can bargain. After this, a trial date was set for April 2nd at 9 a.

During the pre trial, the defendant sat in his chair and held his head up with his hands, while looking around the room. He seemed disinterested in what was going on around him. It appeared they were just going through the motions. The judge asked if anyone had any questions and then dismissed them. The defendant was a 17 year old black male. This case was scheduled to start at 9 a.

Before the judge knew they were going to be late, he discussed writing up a writ for the mother and the juvenile. The trail finally began and the judge again asked everyone to introduce themselves. While the judge and the attorneys were discussing the case behind closed doors, the Wayne County Police Officer assigned to this courtroom came up to me and told me that most trials go by much faster, but Judge Dingell is new, so it takes longer.

He also asked me about my education and what I wanted to do after college and told me about the hiring process of Wayne County Police Officers. When the two attorneys and the judge came back, the prosecutor offered to lower the charge to tampering with an automobile and payment of restitution. The trial date was set for April 11th at 10 a.

Before the judge dismissed he asked the defendant if he was in school and the defendant said no, but he was enlisting in the job corps. During the pre trial, the attorneys again just went through the motions, except for when the defense attorney walked in and greeted the judge. After he introduced himself, Judge Dingell told him that his wife always told him to button his collar on his shirt before leaving the house the attorneys collar was unbuttoned.

The attorney apologized and buttoned his collar.

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During essay writing the writer have to mention about the topic with three parts. Introduction, body content and the conclusion. When you are writing an essay about a court case, you must take particular care to inform the reader about the case and not assume the reader is familiar with it.

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The words that are written above the entrance to the Court, EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW, describe the most significant responsibility of the Supreme Court: it is the highest court in the nation for any and all disputes arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States.

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Exploring the Court System Essay Words | 8 Pages. Exploring the Court System This assignment is based upon two court visits, one to a criminal (Magistrate’s court of Sunderland) and one to a civil (County court of Newcastle) court. - The Individual and the Court System - Essay The Australian jury trial system is said to have many merits and defects, and as Winston Churchill once said about democracy the Australian jury system is “not a .

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Running head: COURT SYSTEM PAPER Court System Paper AJS 21 May John V. Baiamonte, Jr. PhD Florida County Courts The state of Florida 67 County Courts along with the Circuit Courts, Florida District Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are established via the State Constitution under Article V titled Judiciary. Supreme Court Case Essay 1. The following presentationis intended to help studentscomplete the Supreme Courtcase essay assignment forCivics. 2. I. Choose a Supreme Court casethat interests you. You may chooseany case heard by the SupremeCourt of the United States(SCOTUS) to research and write anessay about it. 3. II.