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What are the determinants of Working Capital?

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❶Working capital Working capital is completely different from fixed capital and it has a different relevance when looking at a business. Beta risk arrived through regression technique regressing stock return and market return is the key data used to arrive at the cost of equity using CAPM model..

Determinants of Working Capital

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The requirements of working capital are not uniform in all enterprises, and therefore, factors responsible for a particular size of working capital in one company are different than in other ivujoz.tkore, a set pattern of factors determining the optimum size of working capital is difficult to suggest.

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The determinants of working capital are items that have a direct impact on the amount invested in current assets and current liabilities. Managers like to keep a close watch over these factors, since working capital can absorb a large part of the funding that an organization has at its disposal.

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Determinants of Working Capital There are no set rules or formulate to determine the working capital requirements of a firm. The corporate management has to consider the various factors in making decisions regarding working capital balances. Please do send us the Determinants of Working Capital problems on which you need Help and we will forward then to our tutors for review. Online Live Tutor Determinants of Working Capital: We have the best tutors in finance in the industry.

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The amount of working capital needed is highly influenced by the length of manufacturing cycle. If the manufacturing process is long, huge amount of working capital will be required and vice versa. so utmost care should be taken to shorten the period of cycle in order to minimize the working capital requirements. In analyzing the determinants of working capital management, Chiou and Cheng (), found that there is an inverse relationship between capital structure of the firm and the two measures of liquidity: net liquid balance and working capital ratio.