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Henry Ford


❶In the early s the company continued its rapid growth, at one point producing 60 percent of the total United States output.

Henry Ford: Early Life & Engineering Career

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This was an important event in his life because it signified that he had made a conscious career move into industrial pursuits. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in This gave him enough time and money to devote attention to his personal experiments on internal combustion engines Lacey 13 — The high point of this research came with the completion of his own self-propelled vehicle, the Quadricycle.

This bike had four wire wheels and was steered with a tiller, like a boat. It had two forward speeds, and no reverse. Although this was not the first self-propelled vehicle, it set Henry Ford as one of the major pioneers whom helped this nation become one of motorists Head 22 — Ford decided that he wanted to become an automobile manufacturer.

After two unsuccessful tries, Ford motor company was finally incorporated in with Henry Ford as the Vice President and Chief Engineer. When the company first started it was only producing a few cars a day at the Ford factory on Mack Avenue in Detroit. A group of two or three men would work on one car from components made to order by other companies Lewis 99 — Ford realized his dream of producing an automobile that was reasonable priced, reliable and efficient with the introduction of the Model T in This vehicle iniated a new era in personal transportation.

It was easy to operate, maintain, and could handle rough roads. It was also very reasonably priced at dollars. The cars sold fast and for the first time, the middle class could afford a car. The model T revolutionized America in many different ways. For example, while the Model T was in production, the assembly line was used on a large scale. The assembly line was a powered chain that brought the chassis of the car to each of its parts. The parts were then attached to the chassis of the car and moved on to the next station.

It usually took fourteen hours to build one Model T, and with the assembly line it only took six. Henry built a huge factory based on the assembly line. The assembly line added more jobs and significantly lowered the cost of production Nevins, 65 — Since the assembly line, Ford was able to produce many more cars than usual, therefore increasing profits.

He also cut the workday to only eight hours a day, making the workers very happy. People from all over the nation tried to get a job working at the Ford Motor Company because the wages were so good. In early the Ford was granted government contracts whereby he was to manufacture parts for bombers and later, the entire airplane. It had no brakes, but still got people from point A to point B. On a rainy, Thursday night, June 4, , he started it up and drove his first horseless carriage.

It was the sixth American built, gas-powered car. The importance of the Quadra Cycle was that it got people from place to place a lot faster that walking. People had to travel long ways to get places like the doctor, grocery store to get food they needed and much more. With this invention, families received their needs a lot quicker, and life was moving much faster. He wanted to design a car that was dependable, easy to repair, that would last a long time, and inexpensive for people to buy.

During the year of , Ford launched the Ford Motor Company with a capital of one hundred thousand dollars, which twenty-eight thousand dollars was given in cash. Ford was determined enough to introduce the Model-T, which was nicknamed the Tin Lizzie, in He had made some racing cars earlier, but not to sell.

The Model-T ran on a four cylinder, twenty horsepower engine. This was considered a fast car back then compared to walking or peddling on a bicycle. The Model-T came with three colors: Henry sold approximately about six hundred and fifty of them in In , the car was only available in the color black but then returned to color in At this time, the Model-T made him the most successful businessman.

In , automobiles were considered only for the wealthy. Ford built the largest automobile plant in the world, and invented the assembly line in The assembly line was a system of manufacturing in which each worker performs a specialized operation and his or her own station. The product is them moved to the person at the next station on a conveyer belt.

This was one of the ways mass production came about, and it made the cars much cheaper to produce. The Model-T was eventually produced on the assembly line in It only took ninety minutes to put the body together the body in The Ford Motor Company produced about eight thousand cars a day.

Prices of the Model-T dropped dramatically once the assembly line was introduced. It went from nine hundred and fifty dollars, in , to only four hundred and ninety dollars in Today, four hundred and ninety dollars is equal to the amount of eight thousand five hundred dollars to purchase an automobile.

Ford paid his workers five dollars or more per day for working eight hours, which was double the amount, paid to an average worker anywhere. Most laborers earned two dollars and fifty cents for twelve hours of work.

There was one problem with the amount of earnings the employees made when working in the factory. Many people stood outside the factory begging to get a job there because they paid so well. Henry had hired more than six thousand people, paying them the same amount of money. Since not everyone could get employed there, civilians started to rebel because of the jealousy, and fights broke out in the streets outside.

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Henry Ford was a genius in many aspects of our everyday life. He changed industry, production, and everybody's lifestyle. Many people know about him inventing. Henry Ford was one of the first American industrialists. He is best known for his revolutionary achievements in the automobile industry. His love for.

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Free Essay: Henry Ford revolutionized the American automotive industry and forever changed transportation. Born on the morning of July 30, in a patch of. Free Essay: INTRODUCTION When you think about Ford, an automobile will usually come to mind. Most people don’t think about the man behind that name, Henry.