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I'm so depressed that i can't even do my homework or any work for that matter?

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❶Certain classical music and some jazz are good for listening to while doing homework. It's called brain fog because it literally feels like there is nothing but cloudiness when trying.

A supportive space for anyone struggling with depression.

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i cant do my homework because im depressed

I feel peaceful and calm. My breathing is slow and calm. My muscles are relaxed and comfortable. I feel grounded and fully present. I can effectively handle any situation that comes my way homework. I think through the solutions to my emotional issues slowly and peacefully.

I am tahankful for all the positive things in my life. I practice relaxation methosds that I enjoy. My body is healthy and strong. And change your negative beliefs about your mind and body into positive. These affirmations help promote self esteem and self confidence and will also help reduvce anxiety.

Many people lose their self-confidence and feel depressed because of their condition. I am filled with energy, vitality and self-confidence. I am pleased with how I handle my emotional needs. I know exactly how to manage my daily scedule to promote my emotional and physical well-being.

I listen to my body's needs and regulate my activity level to take care of those needs. I love and honor my body. I fillol my mind with positive and self-nourishing thoughts. I am a wonderful and worthy person. I deseerve health, vitality, and peace of mind. I feel radiant with abundant energy and vitality.

The world around me is full of radiant beauty and abundance. I am attracted only to those people and situations that support and nurture me. I appreciate the positive people and situatuions that are currently in my life. I love and honor myself. I enjoy my positive thoughts and feelings. I will enjoy this day. I will make the most of this day. This day is mine! You may also want to start a positive journal from Oprah listing positive things that happen to you that day oor the day before.

Also try a meditaion. There are many but I use these two: One sit in a comfortable chair. Imagine that you are a big oak tree, The biggest that youcan imagine. The trunk is your body the roots are your feet. Imagine your feet going steady and deep into the eart.

You feel strong and grounded. Same thing Sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your btreathing down and imagine Jesus coming into the room and taking your hand.

Feel his hand in yours, Imagine him walking throughout the day with you. He is right beside you. Imagine telling you I am here. To get me to school, my mom would throw me over her shoulder or take a half hour to get me dressed because I was fighting her. When I was in fourth grade, my older brother and sister were seeing a psychiatrist, so I came along to the appointments and sat in the waiting room. They had inherited anxiety disorder and depression from my mom.

My parents would explain what was going on with me to the psychiatrist: We can put her on medications and see if it works. I was picturing my classes each period, seeing my teachers disappointed. After I missed one day it was a struggle to get out of bed the next day because I still had not completed my homework.

I should have done my homework. Missing school hurt my grades. My parents would tell the school that I was depressed so my absences were excused. But after a while my parents stopped giving my school a reason because I was staying home so much, so I got detention for missing school. I failed English and got C's and D's in my other classes. Every year I went to summer school to get my credits.

I needed my credits, so I used that as motivation to go. I told myself at the beginning of ninth grade that I would change. Maybe you could try and study for 10 minutes and then do something you enjoy, like a game. Your diploma is so close to finishing. What is your Diploma in? Thinking about the end goal and creating vision boards helped me a lot.

Just do what you can do and keep on chipping away. Home Get involved and help others Online forum. Cancel The title field is required! Or when I do, I can only concentrate for minutes before my brain just does the thing you know in the video YBB made; It's incredibly frustrating, and so I'm finding assignments which should take max 8 hours are taking 5 days.

Now your obviously older than me, but here's my two cents worth. When you look at a large amount of work, it's crushing. Crucial, can leave it for a day etc. You could also try listening to music. Try searching for motivation strategies. I can't watch YouTube at the moment. Good luck, chin up and stay strong - we believe in you! Welcome to BeyondBlue, glad to have you!

Best of luck to you! Hey there B, I can see that your depression is something that is really getting to you, its great to see that you have such a support system there for you, though even then sometimes, when stress can pile up like assignments are getting closer to due date and things like that, it isnt always enough.

Hi B, Thanks for reaching out to us! Congrats on almost finishing your assignments — yayyyy!

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I have my essay up right now thats due tomorrow. And I just can't get myself to do it. I have more homework. But I thought I'd start with this essay. I seriously get motivate myself. I makes me so depressed. I don't know if its mental. But I CAN'T get myself to do it. Its driving me crazy. I wanna do well in school this year. I have to for college. .

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Jun 29,  · Hello, I'm new here. I'm B. So I've lived with anxiety & depression for a number of years (11 years) and my life has involved waves of one, the other, or sometimes a short period (max 2 months) of stability and happiness.

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aha dissertation directory I Cant Do My Homework Because Im Depressed dissertation consultation services apa pro death penalty essays. I don't. I'm in my second semester of graduate school and I have had over a week to do an assignment that's due tomorrow. I started doing it tonight and did maybe half of it and stopped to go to bed because I don't care. Literally give no fucks. Partially due to depression, partially due to I'm trying to leave this school and go to another.

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