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❶Registered Data Controller No: We can continue to sit back and watch the middle class erode, or we can stand up and voice for our government to do something now before it is too late for the middle class to ever get back the lifestyle they deserve.

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They believe this check was going to increase or stimulate people to spend that check on items that would make the economy stable. The government never intended for American's, especially the middle class to hold onto those funds to use when it could make a mortgage payment due to the loss of work.

Most Americans accepted those checks with open arms but instead of increasing our spending which is why the government allowed this act to pass, Americans held onto them to help pay household bills. I wonder how our Congress feels knowing that the last stimulus checks truly made no difference to spending in our country. On February 15, , Peter R. Orszag, the director for Congressional budget office of the U. Congress in Washington, DC produced revisions to the forecast published in January of this year.

According to this report, data regarding the labor market are weaker and conditions of financial markets remain worrisome. Retail sales and sales of new home also suggested continual slowing of economic activity. The director stated, 'projections do not show the slowdown in economic growth becoming severe enough to meet the economic definition of recession, the risk of a recession remains elevated.

He could have read this to the U. Congress to work on changing these predictions; instead our Congress is on 6 weeks of vacation leaving the economy to take care of itself. Maybe, because the Congress annual salaries; which the taxpayers provide, puts them in the high-income class status they do not worry about the millions of middle class who struggle every day.

The Federal Reserve District in July of this year reported on the current economic conditions from 12 federal reserve districts that consumer spending continues to be sluggish or slowing down further from previous months reports.

Because of the high gas prices tourism activity was down and vacationers are staying closer to home. Real estate markets are still this economy's worst nightmare and consumer lending is showing more weakness than commercial lending. Poor automotive sales continue to weaken especially for large vehicles such as trucks, SUV's and some minivans. Dealerships are even reluctant to accept trade-ins on gas guzzling vehicles and the market demands are for small fuel-efficient or foreign vehicles leaving dealerships unable to sell their used inventory.

Retail pricing will continue to see more cost hikes as manufacturers are receiving higher prices in their materials. With a decrease in customer demand manufacturers have no choice but to increase sale price to accommodate their own cost increase. Many manufacturers are voicing their concerns to Congress about elevated costs to materials, transportation and energy cost.

They are expecting future hick in prices for oil, shipping and travel. With selling price hikes and too many competitors, the impact could begin to report more manufacturers closing their doors, in which more job losses and a continual downfall for the economy.

Middle class American's are feeling sense economic insecurity from our government; with the costs of private employment-based health insurance and pensions fading away, employers are being radically transformed to shift more costs onto the workers. With government programs for economic security being cut it is no wonder the middle class is losing hope to remain financially secure into their retirement years. According to the bureau of economic analysis the gross domestic product increased 1.

Consumer spending and exports both picked up but the prices of goods and services rose over 4. What does this mean? Our economy may be looking stronger, but because the government is allowing more export goods into our country to sell at a lower cost; we continue to struggle finding work for the American people.

Statistics show the erosion of America's distinctive economic security would be less worrisome; if work and family were stable sources. Unfortunately, the job market has grown more uncertain and risky. Other than the Great Depression has our economic downturn existed to this level. In these most recent economic down slide times, older more educated workers are losing their jobs due to higher pay scales than employers are willing to accept and are considered the hardest hit by long-term unemployment.

Bradbury, , Many middle class citizens have given up looking for a job and are now choosing education to earn back the middle class status, yet in today's postindustrial economy; the cost of education continues to rise and gives no guarantee of a job that will provide that stability again. The data and graph below shows how our unemployment rate for the last year and half continues to climb.

In July alone the unemployment affected 8. With fall and winter around the corner, these statistics are bound to increase as most seasonal most seasonal work is finished. This new world for middle class families has produced even more alarming facts.

Personal bankruptcy has become a routine with over 2 million people filing in year Married couples with children are more likely to file for bankruptcy than are couples without children or single individuals. These people are considered slightly better educated and are likely to have a good job; they are not persistently poor, looking for relief; they are middle class citizens wondering how they fell so far so fast.

Now in , those same federal funded institutions are being bailed out over those same housing loans that are now in their possession. Who does the government think is making those payments to bail them out? The middle class will be the majority of this foreclosure bail out.

So when will the Feds jump in? The message Shaw tried to limn through his genius work is vividly drawn and is dearly ambiguous to anyone who is paying attention.

In Pygmalion, Shaw focused his theme on the Victorian decorum of the contemporary society, which is named in many parts of Mr. In the Victorian times, the rich were distinguished from the poor vehemently as they lead distinct lives-they dress differently, they act differently and they even speak differently.

Above all, the ethics exercised by the rich deviates from the poor, if there were any for them in the first place.

Thus, nothing is expected from a pauper whereas everything is expected from a sufficient middle class. The first and most potent item of middle class morality is the obligation of men to protect and foster women regardless it is needed or not. In the very first act of Pygmalion such burden is observed through the harsh demands of Clara woman to Freddy man , compelling him to find a taxi for her.

Freddy, as uneager as he was, still obliged and carried out his role in the middle class morality, only to find that his endeavors were in vain as his darling mother and sister were long gone upon his return. Another example of this is also from Act I, where nosy bystanders men stood out for Eliza woman with the silly sense of heroic conquest to save her from the vile Higgins and his notes, but soon learnt that it was merely a mistake. These deeds, however, were not chivalry, they were more like the empty prayers before dinner made in a sanctimonious fashion-a hypocritical routine.

Doolittle, a minor character in the play, takes a rather big role interpreting middle class morality. After his unlikely fate with the Wannafeller Moral Reform World League and the fortune that comes along with it, he became a living contrast of being poor and being rich. From his script, we can see all the not-so-subtle offenses Shaw made to taint the idea of middle class morality and it becomes a prominent factor that made the strong tale worth reading and studying.

Middle Class Morality in Pygmalion.

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Middle class The report “The Lost Decade of the Middle Class,” edited by Paul Taylor of Pew Research Center, provides historical information about American middle class that they have became fewer and experienced both income and wealth loss. Although, politicians significantly appeal to middle class, the report put emphasis on “lost decade,” and shows gloomy [ ]. An essay or paper on Middle Class: Merge as Vital Part of the 20th Century American Pscyhe. Being middle class has emerged as a vital part of the 20th-century American pscyhe. The majority of Americans define themselves as middle class, regardless of their actual income level. This perception is obviously off-base, but with no official definition, it's hard to pin down how much Americans o.

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Free Essay: The American Middle Class When we as human beings are born into this world, there are things that we have control over, and other things that we. Dec 15,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | Shrinking middle class The middle class in America has been shrinking particularly over the last decade to the current time. This.