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Paper Towel Facts and FAQs

Comparing the Water Absorbency Rate of Different Paper Towel Brands

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Science Fair Projects That Use Paper Towels
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Looking for a grade-school level science fair project using little beyond paper towels? This article lists several possible science projects that use paper towels in completely different ways. You can test paper towel absorbency and strength, check how well various brands serve as filters, and use them for bean plants.

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The Paper Towel Experiment is a project about which type of paper can absorb more water.

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We hope you and your child will have fun and learn something new with these science fair project ideas! For other great paper towel experiment ideas, check out your local museums or libraries. Providing, of course, time permits. If you want to do a science fair project about paper towels, one that centers on testing their strength when wet is a relatively easy way to go. Create a chart for measuring the results of your experiment.

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Aug 24,  · Paper Towel Science Project: Capillarity. Science Project. Paper Towel Science Project: Capillarity Paper towels are permeable and porous, meaning that they contain small spaces that both liquid and air may pass through. provides the Science Fair Project Ideas for informational purposes /5(). CMS Science Fair. Navigation. Science Home. CMS Science Fair. Due Dates. Project ideas. Experiment Plan. Paper Towel Strength. Hypothesis: I think that bouncy brand paper towels will be the strongest because it is advertised to be the strongest and from personal experiences.