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❶En MySpanishLab hay actividades de input para Read article Chemistry Humanities biology.

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Finally, I wanted to accurately grade all student assignments in a timely manner. MySpanishLab provided a solution to all of these needs. By using various components of MySpanishLab, I was able to ensure the course design supported four measurable learning outcomes: Two online sections of Elementary Spanish ran in Fall with a total enrollment of 29 students.

It determines which grammar skills students need to strengthen before they engage in learning Spanish grammar. Quick, audiovisual tutorials explain grammar in English, and students can take a post-test to make sure they are ready to learn.

I also assign the Practice Test with Study Plan for each chapter. After reading a chapter, students take a pre-test. After reviewing suggested topics, students take a practice post-test to re-test their knowledge. At this point, post-test scores hopefully indicate improvement. Students have three attempts on computer-graded homework. The highest score filters into the gradebook, and the correct answer is given after the third attempt.

The gradebook allows me to see how much time students are spending on their homework assignments. I believe this technique increases retention in my classes because I am able to intervene with these students before it is too late.

I also analyze high stakes activities in the gradebook to see what questions students are missing the most. Looking ahead, I am most excited about the new instant temporary access for students to MyLanguageLabs! Out of 29 original students, one student received an incomplete due to extenuating circumstances.

Four students neglected to keep up in the course and subsequently failed. The data suggest that students who score higher on MySpanishLab homework also perform better on the final exam. An online survey was sent to students at the end of the semester. Of 24 active students, 23 students took the survey, a 96 percent response rate.

Students were asked to self-report and rate themselves on areas such as engagement in speaking Spanish and awareness of Hispanic culture before and after the course. Figures 2 and 3 show an incremental upward shift on both metrics.

Students also answered open-ended questions about the challenges and benefits to taking an online Spanish course. The following quotes reflect a selection of student responses: Other students commented on the user-experience and design aspects of the program: Finally, a few students commented how much they enjoyed learning about culture.

I believe MySpanishLab shows students the importance of the Spanish language and cultures by including videos and presentations to increase cultural awareness and appreciation of the Hispanic world.

It really hits home for students and inspires them to be more passionate about learning Spanish. Since this was the first time that a Spanish course was offered at the college in quite some time, to encourage interest and enrollment, I wanted to make the class stress-free and enjoyable for students.

That being said, looking back at the final course grades, the high weighting of homework did lead to some grade inflation. I will be making changes for the Spring semester, including increasing the weight of chapter exams and the final exam from 13 to 20 percent, and decreasing the weight of MySpanishLab homework from 58 to 40 percent not including voice recordings.

I am still a proponent of giving homework a fairly high weight, because students spend most of their time here, and this is where most assessed learning takes place.

Also, based on student survey results and requests for more speaking practice, I will be increasing the weight of Voice Recordings and Oral Practice. Sign up to save all your favorites? Sign Up or Sign In. Add to Your Favorites.

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Personalize the teaching and learning experience Whether you’re teaching a group of five or , reaching every student can be challenging. But it’s easier when you have personalized tools to give each and every student what he or she needs to succeed.

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