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Hurricane Katrina Essays (Examples)

Hurricane Katrina Essay Paper

❶At that moment, Bush showed that he was an inept and uncaring president.

Essay on Hurricane Katrina

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The events surrounding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina offer a winsome and remarkable case study regarding the continuing social divide between individuals and society, and the inability for big government to manage a crisis effectively. Yet, the disaster brought forward the juxtaposition between two sides -- the macroeconomic consequences of Mother Nature and the heart rendering and emotional plight of individuals.

This figure is quite low, when one takes into account not just the repairs…… [Read More]. Hurricane Katrina Public Policy Environmental. If this happened, the city would be flooded, leaving all its citizens without the necessary transportation to leave.

When Katrina approached, however, the government, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, took no action to help citizens evacuate the city before the hurricane struck. Instead, the clear warnings issues in this regard were simply ignored. Indeed, even after the hurricane struck and the danger became more than potential, government response was delayed for a further two days. In addition, Kay notes that the local government in the city also had no evacuation plan in place when the hurricane struck.

Kay and other critics blame presidential and government incompetence for the consequences of the disaster. The main reason for the government's lack of response, according to Kay,…… [Read More].

Hurricane Katrina Class and Race. These groups, Flaherty asserts, provided the first organizers in shelters, and continue to support the homeless and luckless victims of Katrina. Meanwhile, an article in the journal Reason laid out the race and class dynamic with forceful simplicity: And when there are problems connected to the Republican Party that cry out for resolution and understanding - such as the ongoing American occupation and bloody civil strive in Iraq - there are GOP spin-doctors busy at work deflecting the criticism.

Hurricane Katrina on August Thousands of personnel from Coast Guard units nationwide rushed to the scene to provide 1, Aids to Navigation discrepancies, to assist in 1, pollution cases seven major pollution incidents and provide help to 1, salvage cases including more than grounded vessels. More than 3, Coast Guard personnel responded to the disaster. The Coast Guard assisted with the evacuation of 9, patients from hospitals and nursing care facilities on land.

Hurricane Katrina One of the. The research stated that Because disasters tend to accelerate existing economic, social, and political trends, the large losses in housing, population, and employment after Katrina are likely to persist and, at best, only partly recover. However, the possibility of breaking free of this gloomy trajectory is feasible and has some historical precedent Post-Katrina, there is much that can be done to help not only the city's renewal and revitalization from a physical and structure perspective, but there is also a lot that can be done to help alleviate the hurt and anger as a result of a very sluggish response to fellow Americans in the time of need.

Politicians have stated that the government should not only help with support, but the government is obligated by statute to do so. Historical authorities on the free market, Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton, said that a nation's military defense and its infrastructure…… [Read More]. As the case illustrated, the company's information systems were unable to properly communicate with each other.

As such, there was a lack of integration between critical business functions. The accounting department, for instances, was unable to properly communicate with the distribution department. This lack of communication and integration made the company's operations inefficient relative to its peers in the industry.

This lack of integration, combined with competitive pressures stifled NIBCO's overall earnings growth. The company was losing market share to more efficient and nimble operations.

Without innovation, the company would continue to lose…… [Read More]. Hurricane Katrina Was One of. Churches were able to provide food and shelter in a timely and efficient manner. Faith-based organizations also had the assistance of church members who were eager to volunteer.

Recommendations As a result of the findings presented in this discussion, it is recommended that the American Red Cross and other disaster relief agencies carefully examined their preparedness for future disasters. The research indicates that the Red Cross was ill prepared to handle the amount of people that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The lack of preparedness extended into the way that the organization served certain communities in the aftermath of the Hurricane.

For instance, many Latino's and other English Language learners were not given the appropriate assistance because people assumed that they were workers and not survivors of the storm. In the future the Red Cross can avoid treating people in this manner by diversifying its staff and ensuring that there…… [Read More]. Hurricane Katrina and the Impact.

This is the point that it becomes nearly impossible to prevent the disaster from spiraling out of control.

When you step back and analyze the situation, it is clear that the lack of coordination and communication from Mayor Nagin made the situation worse. As, he did not heed the warnings about: This caused a ripple effect in the city government, with no one being prepared for the overall scope of the damages and the possibility that the disaster could become worse in the days after the storm.

What is most troubling about these events is that Nagin; did not accept responsibility for what was happening. Instead, he began to blame others for his shortcomings and waited for the state or federal government to do something about the issues that they were facing.

Hurricane Katrina Hit the United States in. Hurricane Katrina hit the United States in , there were many individuals whose lives were destroyed. The resulting flooding in New Orleans also left many without homes, food, water, and employment. Even those in positions of authority were left without means of communication, and in some cases, these individuals committed acts completely against their codes of ethics.

This paper will discuss one set of individuals in power exclusively, those of the police officers of New Orleans, and will focus on the ethical dilemmas that stemmed from the acts of looting which occurred at the hands of some of those officers. To fully understand the situation in New Orleans, one must first understand the issues underlying ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas can stem from a variety of sources, including a conflict between personal and professional values, between two principles, between two actions, each with strong positive aspects as well as strong negative…… [Read More].

Hurricane Katrina's Impact on America. It seems as if more studies should be undertaken to really understand the magnitude of this problem, and try to figure out if there is a solution. It seems as if it would be difficult if not impossible to regenerate ground water for years and years, so what are residents on wells doing, and what is agriculture doing?

Are they using contaminated water? Do they even know if it contaminated? These are questions that this arsenic study raises, and they are concerns that would face anyone in the same situation after such a massive natural disaster, so they need to be answered and addressed. Probably the most frightening aspect of the environmental situation in the Gulf Coast is how little people seem to care about it anymore.

There was an initial outpouring of public concern and money right after the event, but now, more "important" things like gas prices and…… [Read More].

Hurricane Katrina Has Had on. Katrina struck right at the peak of harvesting season. At the same time, Louisiana is the nation's top oyster producer, and wholesalers are waiting in fear to see if the beds have been damaged" "Katrina's Impact". Therefore, food and agriculture may also show signs of economic fallout for years to come.

Much of this remains to be seen, as all the damage has still not been assessed in all areas. The hurricane also destroyed billions of board feet of hardwood in the states, which will also have an affect on the forestry industry. Thus, the economic affects are quite widespread and could last for decades in some Southern states and in some industries. Hurricane Katrina revealed to the American public that race and class are still issues which are alive and well in the United States of America.

In fact, many died simply because they were poor and African-American. Understandably, his words created quite a…… [Read More]. Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina - Emergency Management All discussions regarding the Hurricane Katrina need to acknowledge the fact that the primary reason for Katrina having a great impact was task scope and size, rather than human failure.

While effective management is capable of modifying disasters, one cannot expect it to eliminate them. Still, it is evident that an increased sense of urgency, enhanced coordination among responder groups, and more efficient management of communication tools and information intelligence could have minimized losses brought about by the disaster Moynihan, Nature and extent of the disaster Hurricane Katrina represented a significant natural calamity that caused human life and material loss.

It marked the most devastating of natural catastrophes in the history of the U. A powerful storm surge destroyed the coastal regions of Mississippi, leaving thousands…… [Read More].

Remembrance Hurricane Katrina Hits Never. Brown did not contact Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary, to activate emergency response workers until five hours after Hurricane Katrina made landfall Mayer et al.

Furthermore, Brown did not use any urgent language about how devastating Hurricane Katrina's effects might be along the Gulf Coast, a response which many have found to be sadly inadequate. Since the Katrina disaster, FEMA has been essentially stripped of its emergency powers, and much of that power now falls on local and state emergency management officials.

Many experts agree that allowing FEMA to serve an ever-expanding part in addressing day-to-day emer-gency responses around the country was crippling in the Katrina situation and other recent national disasters.

If state and local governments continue to…… [Read More]. Management to Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina 11th. On the day of August 5, hurricane Katrina made a land fall as a category 1 hurricane north of Miami, Florida, as a category 3 storm on August 29 along the central gulf coast near Buras-triumph then Louisiana. The storm surge of Katrina later destroyed the levee system that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi river.

The coast of Mississippi and Alabama were heavily damaged resulting to Katrina being the most destructive and costly disaster in the history of the U. New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina Hurricane. Army Corps of Engineers, He discovered that it was not high enough and that parts of the city were far below sea level. Fixing the levee system permanently could be a multi-year and multi-dollar effort. The Corps of Engineer reported that major breaches of the levees at the 17th Street and London Canals had been sealed and that water was being pumped out of the city.

It, however, said that the entire system was designed to contain only up to Category 3 of a fast-moving hurricane. When Katrina reached land, it was a strong…… [Read More]. Sociology and Hurricane Katrina the. Some never will be, due to the damage and loss sustained after the hurricane and floods. The society is New Orleans is still suffering because they have lost the order that was there, and are struggling to rebuild it, often without the support of any outside sources.

It has taken too long to try to get New Orleans back to normal, and there are questions that wonder if it will ever be remotely close to the place it was before the hurricane. In the functionalist approach, parts of society are interrelated. That certainly illustrates New Orleans after the hurricane, because the society has struggled so hard to come back together. Restaurants have reopened, Mardi Gras has continued, the French Quarter tries to lure visitors, and the businesses are coming back, some more slowly than others.

Many people are determined to rebuild the city and make it better than it was…… [Read More]. GEOINT Role in Responding to Hurricane Katrina The American federal government's response operation in the aftermath of the disaster, Hurricane Katrina, establishes a crucial military necessity of improving the nation's evaluation, decision-making, and response processes.

Operational art, design and other similar concepts apparently offer a means for framing the operational issue. However, both the aforementioned elements are unable to effectively improve commanders' capacity of grasping the condition. Processes like those mentioned above prove inadequate when it comes to solving key questions and conveniently translating into missions for troops to execute. The process of situation evaluation commences with the examination of a map by military staff members and commands.

GEOINT refers to an emergent subfield in the intelligence domain responsible for offering comprehensive information analyses, an operational environment evaluation, and a way to examine potential issues which might surface. Encyclopedia Hurricane Katrina Is Estimated.

This also seemed to follow a pattern set by the disaster prior warning signs were ignored by governing officials then as well. The article brings to the reader's attention the problem at hand, which is that there are three main proposals being debated to prevent any further severe coastal damage in this region.

All of them are very expensive and this seems to lie with the way the work will be contracted. The author Michael Fischetti even includes that the Army Core of Engineers is usually the group who would handle the design and the building of any safety structures Most of the information in this article has been common knowledge but can easily be referenced if one wished to verify the information contained within. It is rather disappointing that the article does not include any journal citations to make the reader's job of checking for accuracy less…… [Read More].

DHS and Hurricane Katrina. One of the first things that someone dealing with the concept needs to consider is the fact that security can never be one hundred percent foolproof. Even the most advanced security systems can be defeated and caring for such a system thus entails having to be in constant alert and to attempt to improve it every minute. The better a security system is, the harder it is for a criminal to defeat it and the more successful the individuals benefiting from it are.

Many individuals have a limited understanding of the idea of security, as they only tend to…… [Read More]. Photograph Hurricane Katrina The Constitution after Hurricane Katrina. Images of Hurricane Katrina, found online at http: Images of Brittany Spears, found online at http: Income Gap Hurricane Katrina Stuck. For instance we can take the examples of African-Americans, the events and issues show that some ethnic groups had to struggle hard to stay ahead in the social fabric of American society.

Conclusion The living conditions of poor and middle segment of the society are main indicators of the health of economy and income distribution. While in developing nations the plight of the poor and even middle segments of society is well-known.

Developed nation like United States have not been associated with poverty and the poor treatment of certain segments of society. Recent event have made people argue that over the years issues of poverty and unequal income distribution have hit America in a big way. These issues now can not be brushed under the carpet as the issues are being debated at all forums.

People have accepted the grim fact that Income gap exists in American Society and these…… [Read More]. Mardi Gras Before Hurricane Katrina. The celebrations are still a great equalizer, brining together people of all classes and backgrounds in a racous celebration of life.

Katrina for Finding and Framing. Developing a critical eye for the media also demands culling information from multiple sources and not believing everything stated by the media.

The media is not an authority; the media consults authority figures to gather sellable data. Matt Welch cites general "communication breakdown" and an "information vacuum" as main culprits in the misinformation leaked about Katrina p.

However, Welch places the blame squarely on reporters for not having enough skepticism of the oral sources they acquire information during a natural disaster. Rumors spread readily during a disaster also because of a breakdown in telecommunications infrastructure. What Welch refers to as a: The kinds of rumors and stories spread by reporters and enhanced by sensationalist media coverage suggest that various lenses are used to view reality. One of…… [Read More]. Katrina Children Lost Forgotten and.

For children, going to school, even a new school, provided a sense of order. It also gave parents time to plan for the future. Wealthier parents were able to enroll their children in private schools.

Poorer families faced a greater struggle. In Texas, officials reported enrolling19, children displaced by the storm Katrowitz and reslau, They were able to waive normal rules, such as proving residency or providing immunization records. The opportunity to start over was critical for thousands of families, including Kathy Jemison and her daughter, Sarah McClelland, The night before the storm hit, they gathered their clothes, keepsakes and important documents such as birth certificates and Social Security cards.

As the storm was destroying their home, they drove 15 hours to a friend's house in San Antonio. Katrina Communications Failures in Public. It has also been noted that the communication plans and protocols that were in place had not been properly communicated to all necessary parties, such that even the preparations and infrastructure that existed for the express purpose of dealing with emergency events were not properly utilized White House Not only were better public safety communications systems as well as interagency communications systems necessary, then, but these systems needed to be more clearly outlined and presented to the right individuals.

Hurricane Andrew the Impact Hurricane. Despite there being a "Federal Response Plan" in place, the bureaucratic machinery took a long time to activate. The Agency was still geared to respond primarily to a massive nuclear attack and saw its main responsibility as distributing federal loans and grants to help rebuild an area after a disaster.

It would not issue direct aid to a state until it was given a specific request by the governor, and the state was unable to issue specific requests for aid because it had no one was available to assess the damage Franklin. Federal help was so slow in arriving that a frustrated director of Dade County's Emergency Office made the famous remark, " It led to loss of many lives, and it was unavoidable. The tragedy left many people with worries asking how the tragedy like that could happen to threaten the lives of many Americans Brinkley, The sinking of Lusitania on the other hand, contributed to various impacts on America as well as, the World War One.

However, the Americans were never interested in joining the war unless they had finished another two years. The Lusitania sinking also enraged many Americans as well as, hastening the people from United States' entrance into the…… [Read More].

There was no one cause. The failures began long before the hurricane with a gamble that a Category Four or Five would not strike New Orleans. Economic Impact of Katrina Impact.

The only difference in was that unemployment claims did not rise in the fourth quarter with the drop in jobs, as they had done in the past. It is difficult to draw definitive conclusions as to where these employees went in the fourth quarter of To do so would be filled with generalizations that do not account for all of the factors involved.

However, it can be surmised that in the fourth quarter of , workers in New Orleans went elsewhere and were dispersed into other economies. Statewide numbers do not support a change that is significantly different from other years. The only reasonable explanation is that unlike other years, where workers filed unemployment…… [Read More]. Haiti Is Not Katrina Custom. Tierney draws another comparison between Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti by describing the people who were most affected by the disasters.

She claims that Katrina affected people who were least able to help themselves, such as the poor and the disabled, but many people were able to escape.

Haiti, however, is one of the poorest nations in the world. The majority of the population lives in chronic poverty. Katrina affected the only the most vulnerable segments of the Gulf Coast population, but in Haiti the entire population is vulnerable. Scientists explained about its facts that it was happening due to the global warming which has transfused power and endurance to it.

Wind speed was also a partial factor which boosted its power. In a result, the worst hurricane struck the coast of the United States and demolished a huge area. A huge tally of casualties was calculated at New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was also marked as the most damaged city of the United States by Katrina. In a result, electricity and property outages, food, shelter and medicine problems raised which suffered the citizens of the U.

More than one million people had left their houses and lived in the New Orleans Super dome. Half of the city was floating in the water. Lack of interoperability is dangerous to the federal and the entire government system.

In the case of an emergency, such an emergency cannot be attended to immediately. For example, the lack of interoperability was the major cause for the delayed response to the Hurricane Katrina since the FEMA was faced with the bureaucracy issues and no other party could respond to the emergency without the consent of the authority Brodie Furthermore, in the case of terror, the country might not be in the position to respond to such terror when the interoperability is lacking.

The most important lesson that was learned during the Hurricane Katrina was the proper planning. It is important to have a proper plan in place such that in case there is an emergency, it can easily be addressed. Furthermore, it is also important for the government to eliminate the bureaucracy issues in its departments to make it easy for the country to provide an immediate address to the emergency.

Bureaucracy was the major cause of the delay towards the address of the Hurricane Katrina. If there was no bureaucracy being followed, it could have been possible for any person in the FEMA to immediately declare the hurricane a disaster and thus provide adequate assistance towards the victims of the hurricane.

It is also important to have private emergency organizations to provide an immediate response to emergency cases. Private emergency organization are of great importance because they can evacuate the victims of any disaster without necessary asking for the authority from the government. Such organizations just evacuate the victims when they deem necessary. The private emergency organizations are also important as they provide advices to the government on how to handle emergencies.

During the Hurricane Katrina, I was in Orleans, and the effects were so devastating. The happening of the Hurricane Katrina changed the conditions of the region for days.

Initially, the power systems were functioning well but immediately after the Katrina happened, it let to the failure of the power. The power failure led the region to become dark and thus it was as though life was coming to an end. After the happening of the hurricane Katrina everywhere became flooded. In fact, there was nowhere to go, and we were forced to remain indoors. Lucky enough, I was in the sixth flood of the story building in Orleans.

I was just staring and sympathizing the people who were being swept away by the flood on the ground flow of the building and other flat buildings. I pitied them and wished that I could reach to assist them to come to the top of our building.

I could see people being killed by the storm, animals being swayed away by the storm. The roads were also impassible, and traveling was a disaster.

Furthermore, the buildings were damaged by the storm and other infrastructure severely damaged by the storm as well.

It was a big loss because many people died on the spot while those who did not die suffered a lot. The food was a problem to get and people could go for days without eating anything.

For example, we stayed in the house for three days without taking any food. What we were only surviving with water was found in the house. I thought that was my last days on this earth but thank God we were rescued on the fourth day but in bad conditions.

It was hard to see anybody because all the places were flooded. Cows which were grazing on the fields were flown away by the flood. Some of them died while the others were seriously injured by the flood. Furthermore, other properties such as cars which were parked along the streets of Orleans cities were also damaged by the flood beyond their recognition. During that time, everywhere had become dark and everything outside and inside was not visible as such.

Implications for emergency preparedness, disaster response, and disaster policy.

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- Hurricane Katrina: Two Disasters From the Frontline Film, The Old Man and The Storm, the life of Herbert Gettridge was followed after he returned to the 9th Ward of New Orleans to rebuild his home .

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Hurricane Katrina Essay Words | 4 Pages. HURRICANE KATRINA Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States.

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Effects Of Hurricane Katrina. In the entire history of America, Katrina Hurricane was considered as one of the worst hurricanes in the last century. One can say it a centuries hurricane. This hurricane was an amalgam of tropical waters and dusty winds. From to Hurricane Katrina the United States government has used many of its different resources to help with the aftermath. After every event that causes panic and destruction in the United States there .

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Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in the United States. Katrina made landfall as a category three hurricane on August 29, The initial landfall was made in the Gulf Region near Buras Louisiana and later at the Louisiana and . Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now!