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Long-Term Orientation

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❶Geert Hofstede Dimensions scores for 56 countries and regions.

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Hofstede developed the concepts of short-term and long-term orientation, which we'll be exploring in this lesson. In fact, he developed five cultural dimensions: individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance index, long-term orientation and power distance. His original research of cultural dimensions involved a study of IBM employees from .

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Examples Of Long Term Orientation - [ ] previous post on the cultural dimension Long Term Orientation had a lot of comments. Mainly on Social media. Since Hofstede’s six dimensions | h - [ ] smith, c. (, December .

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If you are talking about this article: Russia - Geert Hofstede, then it is surprisingly accurate. Well, maybe the whole "Long Term Orientation" dimension is a little bit over-estimated; from my experience I would score it little lower, but it . Russian experts states that a lot of problems in international business occur not only due to economic and political limitations inside the country but due to deep cultural differences. Russia is situated between Europe and Asia, but Russian mentality seems to be closer to the cultures of Portugal, Mexico and Brasil (Kirsanov A., ).

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Hofstede: Long Term / Short Term. It’s opposite pole, Short Term Orientation, stands for the fostering of virtues related to the past and present, in particular, respect for tradition, preservation of ‘face’ and fulfilling social obligations.”. HOFSTEDE’S 5 DIMENSIONS POWER DISTANCE Long-term vs short term orientation Based upon the teachings of Confucius: 1. The stability of society is based up unequal relationships between people. 2. The family is the prototype of all social organizations. Russia Extreme P Individualistic Affective Diffuse Ascription.