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Philosophy of Religion Essay Topics

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Philosophy of Religion

Religion Essay Topics
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Abortion access including methods of reducing the abortion rate Capital punishment Climate change, global warming, and the environment Racism Sexual minorities: Equal rights for homosexuals and bisexuals including same-sex marriage and homosexual references in the Bible Recognition and equal rights for trangender persons. Mental and physical therapies and treatments: Psychological and other hoaxes.

Facilitated communication for people with Autism and other communication disorders. Faith healing via prayer vs. The HPV vaccine and cervical cancer. Recovered Memory therapy RMT. Ending discrimination in hospital visitation. Psychiatric service dogs for people with mental disabilities.

Religion in the public schools. School library book censorship. Condoms in the schools, sex-ed, and pre-marital sex. Posting the Ten Commandments in public schools.

Past abuse in residential schools for Native students in Canada. Anti-bullying "wear pink" day. Faith-based, government financed schools. Changes in marriage, marriage in the Bible, marriage amendment to the U.

Constitution, covenant marriages, same-sex marriages, inter-faith marriages, handfasting, polygamy Other items in alphabetic order: Clergy sexual abuse of children and youth. Cloning of humans ; Therapeutic cloning. Discriminating against people motivated by religious belief. Corporal punishment of children Spanking.

Cremation and burial in the Bible. Cremation among present-day Judeo-Christians. Embryo and stem cell research. Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Medical management of pain. Female Genital Mutilation a. An essay by contributing editor Susan Humphreys. An essay by Contributing Editor, Susan Humphreys.

The Harry Potter books children's imaginative fiction. Hate groups in the U. Homosexual marriages We prefer the term "same-sex marriage" as being more inclusive. Essay Topics and Ideas. Myths are a part of the human cultural fabric due to their place through the years in helping man understand his environment as well as his place in it.

Therefore, we have myths in science, in philosophy, psychology and religion — which is the topic special emphasis will be placed on today.

Myths have been an important part of how human cultures have viewed religion, the creation story and the moral fabric of human society. Therefore before going further to providing exemplification essay topics of its role in religion, having a clear understanding of what both terms mean and how they interrelate is important to the development of this article. Religion on the other hand consists of a set of beliefs, actions and rituals employed in the worship of a divine being.

And in most cases, the set of beliefs and rituals are a proponent of one myth or the other. Finally, for those writing myths and religion, here are exemplification essay topics you can choose from that we believe will simplify the task of writing on this subject matter. Also note that an exemplification essay will be included at the end to provide you with important directions to take when drafting yours:. These are 20 exemplification essay topics you can choose from when given the academic task of writing on myths and religion.

To further simplify your task, here is a sample essay on one of the topics listed above. The first human society developed in ancient times, the Sumerians, has been credited with starting civilization by creating urban societies at that time for human habitation.

To ensure a peaceful lifestyle, the Sumer people created a set of rules and beliefs which turned into the local religion of the times to govern the moral fabric of the society. And as with most ancient religions, the set of beliefs which the Sumerians turned to were from old tales that were handed down from generation to generation through oral communication. Looking for help with essay or term paper? Hire an exert essay writer from Mycustomessay. Need help with essay? Order custom from Zessay essay writing service.

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Is atheism a problem of the 21st century? Should teen marriages be allowed by the church? Religion as a secondary school subject. Christian views about same-sex marriage. God — a well-elaborated myth or reality?

Sample Exemplification Essay: The Impact of Ancient Mythology on Modern Religions

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Mar 09,  · Topics for essay on religion. Whether students major in religious studies or taking a single class on religious studies, they are most likely to write a research paper on religion. Religion is a broad topic which is interconnected with many subjects and other academic disciplines.

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The 20 Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion An argumentative essay (sometimes referred to as a persuasive essay) is a kind of text that presents the author’s opinion on a particular problem supported with examples and evidence from their life, history, literature, etc.

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% FREE Papers on Religion essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. -. Buddhism is a Religion essay Introduction Buddhism is a religion whose believers practice the teachings given by Siddhartha Gautama. It is mostly popular in Asia, and it has a population of about million believers (Keown, ).

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Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics about Religion. What is an argumentative essay? It’s a kind of academic paper that demands profound researching of a certain topic, gathering evidence and establishing your point of view on a peculiar problem. Aug 22,  · Usually, the best argumentative essays may be written on the topics connected with religion, beliefs, attitudes towards goodness and evil, towards moral principles and the purpose of life. Thus, the topic should be debatable!