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❶Since , the amount of fast food joints opening have increased nationally, along with the safety issues concerning the consumption and preparation of their cooking.

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20 Topics on Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser for an Argumentative Essay
Humanely raised meat and eggs
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Furthermore, the more the children want the toy, the more food they purchase daily, monthly, and yearly. The health issues following so much consumption of these treats can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Facing the valid facts and proving ethos, the fast food nation would go to any extremes, including damaging the health of multiple innocent children, just to get an extra dollar in their pockets. With the opening of so many new fast food restaurants, new hazardous and treacherous jobs are created and must be filled with employees willing to go the extra mile to please a costumer.

As society continues to increase in size, the job opportunities are minute but the initiation of a new restaurant is not. To maintain the high-demand of meat to produce the burgers Americans love and adore, the meat packing industry hires hundreds of human beings to reach their goals. The data Schlosser provides when he enters the slaughter house and the names he proves to know add credibility to his statements and apply it applies Ethos.

So how far do the fast food industries need to go just to please a costumer with yummy tasting food and gain their money? The unhealthy working conditions and unsanitary environment is appealing and tents to open the eyes of Americans and prove that the industry works their employees in unsafe work places for their benefit only.

Although the fast food nation has many negatives sides to their industry, positive outcomes have been also been achieved through the opening of their restaurants. Not only does it open up more positions for people to work, the fast food joints have also dramatically increased the money entered into our economy. After doing true research on what type of food individuals are stuffing their faces with, the American society can never be to sure of any of the tasty cuisine.

The industry is a multi-millionaire company that will take any risk to obtain any capital they can reach. Not only that, but they are deliberate when it comes to brainwashing innocent people just to get Americans to put one more bite of a burger in their mouths.

The fast food nation might be successful and in a way helpful to America, but in the end, they are causing nothing but issues and problems to the individuals who purchase their everyday intriguing meals. In fact, permits for new restaurants are rising, according to Barry Ritholtz of Bloomberg News. A significant move by the fast food industry that would also make a good research paper topic is the switch to humanely produced meat and eggs. Factory farming of pigs, chickens, beef and eggs is horrific for the animals.

As consumers are learning more about these hideous practices, numerous companies have pledged to switch to humanely raised meat and eggs over the last few years, including: Burger King led the industry by deciding in to purchase pork only from producers who do not use gestation crates and eggs from suppliers who stop using battery cages.

Today, the fast food industry is listening to consumers and responding. Subway is advertising that its sandwiches are free of artificial preservatives and flavorings. Some burger places, including Carl Jr. Some restaurants that sell bread products are removing the high-fructose corn syrup. And Chipotle is using organic ingredients in its food.

Not likely, as the quality of food from fast food companies still has a stigma. Michele Simon, author of Appetite for Profit: Do you think the fast food industry should do more to make their food healthier? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Research Paper Topic: Fast Food 1. Why is fast food bad for you? 2. What are the effects of eating fast food? 3. What are some successful fast food industries and there business strategies? Introduction It seems harmless, satisfies your hunger, and is cheap, but really is egregiously unhealthy.

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Fast Food Mania Research Paper Words | 5 Pages. 1 Fast Food Mania What ever happened to a home cooked meal? Dinner time in a household was once special and food was prepared by people who actually cared about what they served. About a generation ago, more than half of the meals consumed were prepared at home. Fast Food Nation research papers provide an analytical review of Eric Schlosser's criticism of fast food restaurants. A Fast Food Nation research paper attempts to present a brief analytical review of Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation.

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Fast food is a food supplied quickly after placing an order and with limited service. Nonetheless, the best way of distinguishing fast food is use of formal characteristics: Required time – those who eat fast food are not willing to spend quite a lot of time in selection process and eating. - A Research Proposal on Study of Market Potential of Fast Food Restaurants in India INTRODUCTION This proposal is aimed at conducting a research on the market potential for Fast Food Restaurants Services in India.