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Paper Mache Recipes

Easy paper mache paste recipe:

❶I thought about making a paper mache bowl and then sealing it but want to plant directly into it so there will be soil and some moisture.

Boiled Flour and Water Paste:

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Good, that would afford me ample time to clean the shed, and seal it up so that the rodents would not be allowed access. Well, as luck would have it, there was a downpour at one a. Soaked all of the sculptures. So, after having a good crying spell, I removed all of the paper mache, stripping the animals down to the armatures, as now the risk of mold is pretty high.

Can laugh about it now, and the plan is to re mache the sculptures that can be salvaged, and re create those that were too damaged. All things happen for a reason, might learn something very helpful with the restoration project. What are they for may I ask? I did cry, and there was a fair amount of swearing involved too, PHReed. These beasts were designed to be photo props for a series of drawings about endangered wildlife.

It was just a blast to be able to use up what most folks consider landfill fodder and make a beast. Looking forward to restoring the damage, documenting the process for the blog, and then onto the drawings. They were too large to work on in my tiny indoor studio. Do you have any suggestions on how I could avoid this? Varnish is a good idea, but I think it needs more. What do you think?

Do you have any great ideas for how I can make a bowl to line a wicker basket I have so I can plant straight into it? Nothing I can find in the shops will work as the bowl is very wide and quite shallow.

I thought about making a paper mache bowl and then sealing it but want to plant directly into it so there will be soil and some moisture. Lara, I have not yet found a product that will seal paper mache from water. I would suggest that you use some Quikwall , a fiber-reinforced cement product, instead. I think if I did it I would line the basket with some plastic, and then use the basket itself as the form. You could leave it rather rough at the top, for textural interest, or smooth it off just below the basket edge.

Cover with plastic and leave it in the shade for several days to allow the cement to cure. I show how I used the Quikwall product in my lion mold, here starting around 0. I have been asked to make a puppet for an animal resque its a mother bird that they want to help feed some orphaned baby birds and as such needs to be washable. I make puppets out of paper mache all the time but I am worried would the varnish be toxic if a baby bird pecked at the puppet?

Waterproofing paper mache is an old technique, and lightweight racing boats were built this way up to years ago. Proper varnish is actually more impermeable than modern resins. Take a look here: I read the article, thank you for the link. Currently making bowls, jewelry and wall hangings sold at http: Beautiful work, by the way. Thanks for telling us about your site. Any advice for other artists who would like to sell their work? I am just enquiring I am doing a fruit basket out of paper mache as part of a B.

If I use the flour n water paste, how long after completion will the paper mache start to grow fungi and would the fungi still grow if I vanished my finished product. Your bowl should never go moldy if the paper stays dry. Since it will be used with food, the bowl should have a finish on it that is food-safe. This article talks about food-safe finishes , and gives a recipe for making your own.

It looks very similar to a commercial product that uses the same ingredients a small bottle would probably be less expensive than making your own. If the bowl is never allowed to absorb water from the air or from washing or from fruit stored it it, it should last for years. I need to do this for creating a set of horns for a cosplay but I need it waterproof in case I get caught in the rain. I am so happy others are on this page who have done things like I want to do.

I hope you all can help me. I would like to build a snowman costume to wear outside. I would like the head to be separate from the 2 bottom pieces. Also what is the cheapest way to waterproof the design and allow the piece to be painted white?

Jason, you can attach the two bottom balls with more paper mache pieces. Just make sure to use really big pieces so they cover a good-sized area on both the top and bottom ball.

The water-cleanup type have less smell, and would be best for a costume. I wont have time to build the costume before Christmas, but would like to build it next year. I was thinking of doing the Freaky Snowman type skit around where I live. There is a historic district with tons of tourist that flock to the streets. I believe it would bring some Christmas cheer. I believe I can build it much cheaper. Thanks for the information. I loved doing paper mache when I was in elementary school.

An adult project would be extremely fun! Hi I am master student in sculpture at university of Lisbon Portugal. Since it is supposed to be outdoor sculpture I should cover it with a water and UV resistant material, which material do you suggest?

Do you think Polyester Resin could be a good choice for this purpose? How thick should you make your paste? What kind of flour will work? Make up just enough for one sculpting session. This is good advice for any paste made with wheat flour.

If the paste is kept over from one session to the next, the yeast will break down the flour and make the paste less sticky and slightly stinky. Be sure to clean the bowl and utensils before the paste has time to dry — it will dry very hard.

Now available on Amazon. However, it will dry almost clear, unlike the raw paste, and the surface of your paper mache sculpture will be slightly smoother. To make boiled paste , mix two tablespoons of white flour with a cup of water in a small saucepan and stir until there are no lumps. A whisk works really well for this. Put the pan on the stove at medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

As soon as it starts to bubble, remove from heat and allow to cool. It feels different than the more traditional wheat paste, but it works just as well. Mix it way ahead of time, because it takes longer to absorb the water than the maker claims.

You can mix up the entire 2 oz package and keep it in a covered jar. Many people use the glue and water to avoid the gluten in wheat-based paste. This is the product that I use when I add colored tissue paper as a final layer over a paper mache sculpture.

If you do this, make sure the paper mache underneath is completely dry, because the acrylic medium could dry on top, sealing moisture inside. This would lead to problems later on. I use the gel medium with tissue paper for two reasons: You can see how the gel medium worked with tissue paper on a bullfrog sculpture here.

I use this recipe, or the plaster and glue recipe below , whenever I make a mask or sculpture with blue shop towels. Just just two or three layers of the heavy shop towel paper, held together with one of these paste, will make a strong, hard skin for a sculpture or mask.

I also use this recipe as gesso, to create a nice white ground for the final paint on my sculptures. Drywall joint compound is produced for the construction industry and is not edible! Walmart sells non-Dap joint compound in their paint department. This paste is too heavy to use with newspaper, but it works great with the blue shop towels.

You can find a video showing how I make the home-made paste called gesso in the video here. This is the paste that I used for all the masks in my book How to Make Masks. It works great with the blue shop towels, but is too heavy to use with lighter papers. Unfortunately, the towels are not available in all countries, but in the US you can find them at hardware stores, DIY stores, and Walmart.

This paste will harden quickly, and may even begin to harden right in the bowl. Both recipes dry very hard when used with the blue shop towels.

You can use any type of paint on your sculpture. I like to use acrylic craft paints, and I seal my sculptures with a matte acrylic varnish. If the sculpture is very dry when you paint it, and if you seal it with varnish, it should last a lifetime. My name is Vivian Robinson, awhile ago you had info on making paper Mache items for outside but you put something else in the mix so it would survive outside.

I kept all my paper and stripped out to make creations. I have been working with wool needle felting looking for something new to spark my interest. I tried several products myself, and none of them worked for me, so I started making my own outside sculptures with Free Form Sculpt or other brands of epoxy clay, because they can withstand even our Minnesota winters and soggy springs.

However, I do hope to find time this summer to try a few ideas from our guest writers. If you try any, please let us know how your experiments turn out. Hi Jonni, I made a large bowl using the traditional paper strip method and 3 parts glue to 1 part water. I used 3 layers of paper and let each layer dry for a week. I was expecting a very hard bowl to result but instead it is thin and flimsy.

Do you know why this happened? You might try using thicker paper, like the brown paper used for grocery bags or even watercolor paper. Hi Jonni and thanks for the excellent information on your site and in videos.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan, or do you have other suggestions for something this large? BTW — I will be building the base in a way that will support a person on top. One thing you might want to do is pad out the inside of the elephant with some big scraps of foam, like Cris did when she made her giraffe, or use crumpled paper like Tom did for his bear.

Your ideas for finished your elephant sound good. It uses the same ingredients, plus paper and white flour.

Use a knife to spread it, or make a spreader out of the lid from a yogurt container. Hello Jonni, Thanks for the recipe. I am working with the airdry clay recipe. I followed it with all of the flour and yet it continues to stay tacky. Also, my beaters get gunked up with the recipe, not that I expect an answer to that one….

Just add more flour. You might want to use the dough hooks, if your mixer has them. And throw the beaters into water the minute you get done mixing. Hi, I really enjoyed your page. My questions is I am making a very large ball feet. Which kind of paste would you recommend? Also, if I leave the ball in there how many layers would you recommend if I am using the blue towels.

Thank you for your time and any other helpful hints you can give to this newbie! If you totally saturate the shop towels with the paste the towels will dry very hard. If you need it to hold up to hard use you would need at least four layers. When the plaster cloth was hard I added one layer of paper mache to cover the fabric texture. I tried to make the gesso for a big project using two different kinds of non-DAP joint compound, including the brand from Walmart, and wood glue.

Both turned rubbery and I had to throw the whole batch away. I hope you can find some and try again. HI Jonni, Do you have any tips for keeping the glue soft for longer periods of time?

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Resin papier-mache paste lends a hard finish to papier-mache projects. The paste especially suits the creation of large papier-mache crafts, such as furniture, bowls or wall art. Your kids will enjoy making resin papier-mache paste as much as they will enjoy using it for their crafts. This recipe.

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Note – after I wrote this article, in which I claim that you can make paper mache waterproof based on articles I’d read online, I tried it myself. My results were a disaster. Waterproofing Papier Mache? Resin would tend to sit on top of the rope, I think, although I’ve never tried it. You might put your question on the Daily.

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Have Fun Getting Crafty With This Strong Paper Mache Recipe. tutorial for making resin the paper more like a plastic so you can use it in a lot of different ways Have Fun Getting Crafty With This Strong Paper Mache Recipe. Have Fun Getting Crafty With This Strong Paper Mache Recipe This strong paper mache paste recipe dries to a very hard finish to make your finished projects more durable. Paper Mache Paste Paste Recipe Booth Ideas Halloween Crafts Holiday Crafts How To Make Resin Paper Mache Pinata Forest Bedroom.

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Forgive me if this has been asked before. I'm planning on making an alien from the film "Devil's Gate", The skeleton will be PVC but I need.