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The Open Window Analysis

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❶What different things does the open window in the story symbolize to the characters?

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She used to torment my dreams since I was a little child and I was sixteen now, this had to stop. My room had two beds as I used to share it with my brother Ted. Even though he slept against the window I was the one who used to get up screaming.

I was the butt of his jokes at all our family parties. When he moved out of the house I was too scared to sleep in the room.

I decided I could not have this anymore. I got money from mother and bought my room real thick curtains for my window.

I made it a point to never open the window at night no matter how hot the weather got. I got through a few months peacefully until that fateful night. My parents were away and Ted decided to bring over a few of his friends home while he was babysitting me. His friends are real jerks. I hate all of them. His girl Sophie was the worst of all. She used to pester me to start drinking. I do not know what came over me that evening when I obliged in spite of Ted scolding us both.

Just one drink and I was woozy. Ted got really mad at me and took me to my room. I do not remember anything more as I just hit the sack. And then I heard her. It was pitch black even after I opened my eyes. I could hear her evil laughter. It curdled my blood. It was faint at first and then the pitch increased. I could almost feel her presence in the room. As if her darkness was soon going to engulf me whole. The laugh dint stop and it was coming in staccato, taking long pauses in between.

I really cannot recollect when I prayed myself to sleep. When I woke up the room was lightly illuminated. I turned behind to look at the window. I saw the ray of light streaming in through the sides of the closed curtains.

With my heart pounding against my chest I managed to walk towards the window. With one swift gesture I opened up both the curtains. My window was locked! I could not believe my own eyes. I really think I have gone crazy. When will this ordeal end? I cursed myself as I could not escape her. I could not stop thinking about all the nasty things she might do to me tonight as I walked down the house into the kitchen. I warmed some milk. Ted began teasing me.

How come you slept so well? Maybe the drink did do wonders to you! Some people do get nightmares. Sometimes she bursts out into this evil little laugh it sends chills down my spine! The young girl managed to make fool of five people and what is more, of millions and millions of readers.

At first we are inclined to laugh at Mr. Nuttel for being so gullible. We cannot even imagine that we are victims of the very same hoax that Vera perpetrates on Mr. The author makes use of the third person narrator.

He does not interfere for any comments or reflections of the events and does not help the readers to form their own impressions and make their own judgements. And we can conclude that this kind of narrator is an unreliable one, because the readers cannot understand the main irony till the very end of the story.

The protagonists of the story are characterized both directly and indirectly. With the help of indirect means of characterization, thoughts, words and actions of Mr. Nuttel is quite an unsociable and a withdrawn person who either likes loneliness and prefers it to communication with other people or is afraid of them. The reason of Mr. The niece of Mrs. The way this girl speaks to Mr. Nuttel adds to her characterization: She is a self-confident, intrepid, spoilt girl, who possesses an exceptional ability for imagination.

By the way, observing the way of her bahaviour after telling her story, we can make a conclusion that Vera is a very good actress. She plays her role till the end of the story and to my mind deserves tumultuous applause.

We may guess that she could have done it from boredom, not having much to do in the village. Or maybe it was her usual way of behaviour with strangers and she practiced it from time to time. Or perhaps she had some mental problems herself, though she seems to be quite a normal girl. The structure of the story is actually that of a story-within-a-story. Within this narrative frame is the second story, told by Mrs. The atmosphere and mood of the story can be described from different points of view.

While reading the story for the first time and not knowing the truth, the reader is in constant tension and anticipation of what is going to happen. So the atmosphere itself is quite tense. At the same time there present some humorous moments which clear the air. But at the end of the story everybody fully agrees that the atmosphere is ironic. Emotionally-coloured words add to the tension and nervousness of the atmosphere: The presence of Mrs.

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The Open Window study guide contains a biography of Saki (Hector Hugh Munro), literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a .

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The story is based around a window, hence the name "The Open Window". The little girl asks the guy if he wants to know why her aunt keeps the one unparticular window open in the middle of October. They have gone on this trip many other times, and each time to return to this window.3/5(2).

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Open Window the Open Window by Saki on the internet. Read this short story thoroughly. Based on the short story: 1. Identify 3 literary devices in the short story and their significant. 2. Where is the climax in the short story? How is this achieved? 3. Describe the setting of the short story? 4. This short story “THE OPEN WINDOW” is written by “SAKI” is the pen name of “Hector Hugh Munro” (). He is a british writer. He is famous for his satires of the upper classes. The theme of the story is appearance and reality and deception.

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Download thesis statement on "The Open Window" by Saki in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to the deadline. Writing Service Essay Database Quotes Blog Help. The short story “The Open Window” by Saki gives us a marvelous example of how appearance, semblance and our naivety can distract our attention from reality and even make harm to our health.