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Good Vs Evil Essay: Life Is Full Of Middle Tones

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❶He was the man who went to innocent peoples rescue. Well it depends on what grade you are in.

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Already, the audience loses their adoration for Macbeth as we see his mental frailty and evil intention. The question at hand is what Macbeth should do; is he determined on evil intent or is divine intervention the answer? He contemplates this, and decides that it is not worthwhile to throw everything away for one guilty conscience, instead the solution is murder.

To Lady Macbeth, her husband is brave, loving, ambitious yet he is too noble to fulfil the third prophesy. Lady Macbeth then calls upon evil spirits to make her ruthless so she can kill Duncan. After reading the letter, she already has a plan brewing. In a way it is due to his wife that Macbeth is finally persuaded into committing treason. This shows one of the flaws in his character, which Shakespeare exposes.

A while after Macbeth has certain misgivings about the affair. In his mind he argues out the advantages and disadvantages. After the murder Macbeth experienced remorse, guilt and regret, still revealing his nobility. He is troubled by his conscience, he realizes that he is cut off from heaven. In the novel Speak, by Laurie Anderson, the concept is plain to see. It jumps right out at the reader. She struggled with depression and self-hatred for many months.

This quote in particular captures the agony and pain she faces every day, which is a very clear image of the evil triumphing. Not too long after, though, Melinda begins to explore herself a little more. At the end of the novel, she finally opens up a bit. I feel the frozen stillness melt down through the inside of me, dripping shards of ice that vanish in a puddle of sunlight on the stained floor.

This quote beautifully exhibits good overpowering evil. Evil certainly does not conquer for Melinda. She comes out stronger than ever before, and the experience shaped her into who she is now.

Lowell 2 Another great literary work that contains the same theme is Fahrenheit , by Ray Bradbury. Good wins over in the end when Beatty is killed and the city in burnt down in chaos.

The war is not a less contradictory phenomenon than the previous ones. It is able to make a person become a hero for one nation and a murder for another one. There are milliards of middle tones between them. Good coexists with evil and none of these notions can be met in its pure form in the real life.

The dualism of good and evil is well seen in everyday life. Do you see this cat, which has caught a tiny bird? Try to think deeper: Such a situation is pitiful for the bird lovers, though for people, who like cats, such a behavior is an absolutely normal thing. Maybe my example is too childish, but I think it is very illustrative. If you try to analyze the life with all its variations, the literature with all its stories, or the natural phenomena, you will see that all of them can be examined from various points of views.

You may contradict me and ask about the criminals, who commit terrible crimes. Are they good too? Can those, who kill people easily and coolly, have some good and kind seeds in their souls? I am sure they have! Even if an awful crime is committed, we should find the inner forces inside us to forgive its performers and strain after not punishing a guilty person and making his life awful too, but doing everything to awake his soul.

I am sure that doing people good will finally result in the desired results and bad people will disappear from our planet soon. People should be altruistic and think more about others.

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- Good vs. Evil in Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser Good versus evil is one of the most commonly used themes in literature. Edmund Spenser’s “Faerie Queene” is no exception to this theme. Good vs Evil] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. On the Battlefield with Good and Evil and Examples in Literature.

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Many times we see a battle of good vs. evil in movies, books, society, and in this case, an epic poem. This motif is used so often because it pertains to so many facets of authentic life. The epic poem Beowulf is an example of this because the hero of the story has an ongoing conflict with the evil. If you've been tasked with writing a paper on the good and evil for your philosophy class, feel free to use the following sample paper to your advantage.

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The Battle Of Good Versus Evil English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Also in Harry Potter, the battle of good versus evil, when Harry faces Lord Valdamort. Grendel, another literature novel had the battle of good versus evil, but in this case evil was wrongly misunderstood. Finally in Lord of The. Free Essay: “The battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” This quote by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn embodies the most important.