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61 Prompts to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

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❶Narrow-lined writing paper with an illustration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Research Paper on Martin Luther King
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The goals he set for his people were of independence, desegregation, and to have their freedom. By setting these goals it shows that King is a great leader. I feel you have to set goals to accomplish your task. By him setting these goals everyone is on the same track, and the people are looking to achieve the same goals and dreams.

Martin Luther King shows great leadership by his demonstrations of non-violence acts all of his organizations all the speeches he gave and all the letters he wrote. Through this it shows he is a man of intelligence, determination, also integrity. I say intelligence because in his demonstrations, if he would of fought back he and many others would have been killed or seriously injured and it would be his fault and he would of let his people down.

So by using his brain he was able to show that the use of violence would result in violence. Not the fact that the demonstration was about the Civil Rights and the desegregation of Blacks.

He also showed his intelligence by the letters and the speeches he wrote. This speech touched so many people. It changed the way many people thought about blacks. With the words of Martin Luther King he helped to get desegregation in the Southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, Carolina, Georgia etc just throw his leadership skills and his motivational words that ring till this day. All of which hurt him but he would not let that stop him from getting his people free.

He did not want to show he was scared of the white community he wanted to show his people no fear. He showed his dedication and determination to achieve his goals and the goals of his people and to show no fear, and to make his people feel no fear in the whit community.

By this Blacks became unafraid of white and helped them get there desegregation. Martin showed his integrity by taking responsibility for his actions, shown by him going to jail and by him being beat up or even killed. This man inspires confidence in others because he can be trusted to do what he says he will do.

King says he will fight until freedom rings that means that he will fight till freedom rings, in which he did. King addressed the accusation that the Civil Rights Movement was "extreme", first disputing the label but then accepting it. Compared to other movements at the time, King finds himself as a moderate. However, in his devotion to his cause, King refers to himself as an extremist.

Jesus and other great reformers were extremists: Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Eisenhower 's claim that he could not meet with civil rights leaders because doing so would require him to meet with the Ku Klux Klan. King expressed general frustration with both white moderates and certain "opposing forces in the Negro community. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection. In closing the letter, King criticized the clergy's praise of the Birmingham police for maintaining order nonviolently.

Recent public displays of nonviolence by the police were in stark contrast to their typical treatment of black people, and, as public relations, helped "to preserve the evil system of segregation.

One day the South will recognize its real heroes. King wrote the letter on the margins of a newspaper, which was the only paper available to him, and then gave bits and pieces of the letter to his lawyers to take back to movement headquarters, where the pastor Wyatt Tee Walker and his secretary Willie Pearl Mackey began compiling and editing the literary jigsaw puzzle. The essay was highly anthologized , and was reprinted 50 times in editions of 58 readers published between and that were intended for use in college -level composition courses.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved October 12, Was Connor's aim, as some thought, to break him? Retrieved May 13, The New York Times. Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Martin Luther King, Jr. Louisiana State University Press. Retrieved January 18, Quarterly Journal of Speech. Martin Luther King Jr. King, Martin Luther, Jr. Why We Can't Wait. Signet Classic published Governing by Television in s America. The kids can learn to draw Dr Martin Luther King for themselves if they follow our step by step instructions Print and fold this Martin Luther King booklet, then fill it with facts, research or quotes.

You will need our origami booklet instructions. Words that might be used to describe Dr Martin Luther King Jr form the background to this interesting poster.

It's perfect for starting off your own discussion, or for using as an example before creating similar posters for other inspiring people. Print this fun poster with a simple illustration of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, designed for younger children. The poster also makes an excellent cover for a book or folder on Martin Luther King. We've compiled 24 of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's most memorable and meaningful quotes on this printable.

He strides purposefully head, with two children - one black, one white - tucked under his arms. This imposing and contraversial statue of Dr Martin Luther King Jr is carved from white granite and stands 30 foot tall!

Here's are some fun printable Martin Luther King writing pages in colour and black and white to use in your writing projects.

Kids Writing 61 Prompts about Dr. King, Jr.

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Excerpts from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech are reviewed in writing prompts, with an emphasis on rhetoric. Adaptable to a range of grades. Writing Paper: Martin Luther King, Jr. (elem).

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Perfect for MLK Day but fun for anytime, this colourful writing paper has an illustration of children holding hands around the world. Colourful Kids Writing Paper The cute illustration makes a fun writing paper for any time, but this printable is also especially suitable for writing projects on Martin Luther King Day.

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This is a Martin Luther King, Jr. Freebie for you! It is writing paper that you can use with all ages! I am using this as my final draft paper! I hope you can use it! Michelle Griffo Apples and ABC's. MLK Martin Luther King Jr. Themed Border Writing Paper: MLK Theme Border Writing Paper. Lined Paper. Information: MLK Martin Luther King Jr. Paper for Writing. Martin Luther King Jr Theme.

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These are simple printables to use with your MLK theme. VIsit my blog to see a sample of the MLK Speech printable in use. Thanks for stopping by, Lidia R. Barbosa Kinder4/5(84). Write About Martin Luther King Whether they’re writing a paper for a class or Read More about Good Research Paper Topics. 5th Grade Opinion Writing Prompts. As students transition from elementary school to Read More about 5th Grade Opinion Writing Prompts.