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Maxwell Dworkin 323

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Research Paper on Operating Systems
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4. Partitioning based operating systems 5. Reservation aware operating system for grid economy 6. Consensus protocols for unreliable networks 7. Reducing disk I/O of messaging systems 8. Thick Code and rich functions in Operating Systems 9. Fault-Tollerance in Operating Systems Operating System Support for Mobile Applications

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The course culminates with a research project, where students practice the art of operating systems research. There will be several deliverables on the way to a final project, including (but not limited to) a research statement, a research plan, an extended abstract, a final paper, and an oral presentation.

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Recent Topics in Operating Systems Research Instructor: Liviu Iftode ([email protected]) Meeting Time:Wednesday pm. Venue:Core B Overview The goal of this seminar is to review hot topics in operating systems and to identify promising directions for future research in this area. Below is a list of suggested contemporary OS topics, issues, and research paper references. Each student must complete 4 short paper assignments on OS topics selected from this list or on OS topics suggested by the student and approved by the instructor.

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These days one of the most popular research paper writing topics are operating system research paper topics assigned by professors in college and university to. recent research papers on operating system FULL LIST NEW SEARCH. 1 Abstract In this paper I discuss the topic of operating system trust, and specifically why it is important to remove the OS from the trusted computing base. Among these research issues, cloud operating systems have attracted extensive attention. However, to date.