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Starting A Mail Order Plant Business

Intro to Starting a Mail-Order Business

❶Opening a mail-order box of plants is like opening a birthday present

So You Want to Start a Mail Order Nursery

starting a mail order plant business
The Mail Order Nursery
Does It Take Any Special Training to Be Successful in a Mail-Order Business?

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If you don't know what they are, go to the reference section of any big public library and start looking through the various directories of publications. Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory and Magazines for Libraries list thousands of publications, organized by subject.

Standard Rate and Data lists the publications and their current ad rates. Business Publication Rates and Data does the same for business publications. When you've narrowed the field to several possibilities, write to the publishers and ask for sample copies, plus their information cards for advertisers. Read the publications carefully, looking for clues to the makeup of their readership, and pay special attention to the ads. Publications known to make money for mail-order advertisers generally carry a noticeably large number of mail-order ads.

If a magazine has classifieds or a special section of small mail-order ads, so much the better. Be sure each advertisement you run is coded or "keyed," so when orders start coming in you can tell which publication and which issue is producing the most business. The easiest way to do this is to make the key a part of your mailing address. In June's Dieter's Digest, the key would be "Dept. The best mailing list you can get is the names and addresses of your own satisfied customers.

Building this list is, in fact, one prime purpose of your magazine ads because generally the biggest payoff in mail order comes as you expand your product line and, using direct mail, hit your satisfied customers again and again for repeat business. You can also "beef up" your own list by renting lists from professional brokers. Here, as with magazine ads, the aim is to get a "selected" audience: That's crucial, because a mailing to names on an unselected list — something as broad, say, as "residents of New Jersey" — is likely to produce response of no more than one or two percent, maybe less far less.

That is, you'll get orders from just one or two percent of the people you mail to, which may not be enough to cover the cost of the mailing. On the other hand, response from a selected list including your own customer list can run as high as 5 or even 10 percent. Some will also send catalogs of their lists free on request. According to a study made in the s by the U. In general, you need enough money to cover the initial promotion and to keep the business going for six months to a year.

And this should be "risk" money When you start small, just about everything that comes in for a while has to go back into the business. After that, you can expect to start earning the net profit typical for mail-order firms: But every now and then an unusually appealing item will produce a profit of as much as 50 percent. Maybe, but nobody ever put "easier" into the bank. In a typical deal of this kind, you're a distributor for a company's products.

The company chooses, stocks, and ships the products to the customers. You buy and mail the catalogs, pass any orders you get on to the company, and earn what is — in effect — a salesman's commission on those orders. In the meantime, though, you've paid for the catalogs, the mailing lists, and the mailing itself.

This is clearly a good deal for the party that's selling the catalogs. For the party that's buying them, it's usually not so hot. The fact is that there is no easy way to make money in mail order. The business isn't romantic or glamorous, and it's no way to get rich overnight. It's just a business. But if you're willing to go at it the long, slow, natural way. This was an informative and to the point article. It was easy to understand. There's more than we thought. There's a lot to learn and do.

Not as simple as I thought. He hasn't done anything but he's in it. Is this a good business? This is a good article on the subject.

There is a lot of free information on the subject and you can also find products to sell. Whether you want to learn how to grow and raise your own food, build your own root cellar, or create a green dream home, come out and learn everything you need to know — and then some!

You'll find tips for slashing heating bills, growing fresh, natural produce at home, and more. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. In this article, Lillian Borgeson, home-business authority, gives all the information you need about the truth to starting a mail-order business, both the good and the bad.

Mail-order businesses can be set up right on your kitchen table, but often times expand into larger areas. To make sure you get the most out of your mail-order busines, putting your money in the right advertisements is vital. Many people find monetary success in mail-order business, but not everyone is that lucky.

Tiny Homes On The Move. Fritters with Ranch Dressing. Grow Sub-tropical Moringa for Food and Fodder. September , Seven Springs, PA Whether you want to learn how to grow and raise your own food, build your own root cellar, or create a green dream home, come out and learn everything you need to know — and then some!

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The Mail Order Nursery. Most mail order nurseries started as backyard operations that evolved into mail order businesses without a real business plan. These nurseries are typically those that grow their own plants. The larger mail order nurseries, by contrast, purchase plants that they then offer for resale.

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A nursery business in mail order nurseries is the most favored by plant geeks. These often anti-social types honestly feel that they can avoid customer contact by locating a mail order nursery in an out-of-the-way location and never deal with people.

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starting a mail order plant business Starting a plant business is much her green house up-she will be starting some sales soon- can we order plants and e-mail to Mike after reading Now the owner of Plant Delights Nursery, Avent shares his expertise on how to start a nursery with wit and clarity; the book is devoted to the business and planning . In some cases, you will also need to know what you can and cannot sell legally based on federal or state laws. You will also need to know about interstate sales, especially in the mail order business. Finding suppliers that you can count on is a major step in establishing any type of sales business.

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Information & Resources for Starting a Home-based Food phd dissertation help review Business. We support America's small businesses. Help!! When you order $25 of buy original research paper eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon Buy over 10 Kinds of Banana Plants on this site and they are available year round. The Truth About Starting a Mail-Order Business Have you ever wondered what it takes to start your own mail-order business? In this article, Lillian Borgeson, home-business authority, gives all the information you need about the truth to starting a mail-order business, both the good and the bad.