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Proportional Representation


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What Are Five Powers Delegated to Congress?
History of the United States

I am in agreeance with the majority of Americans on this issue, term limits would have a positive effect upon our beloved country. I side with those seeking change. An argument for this side includes as follows, corruption in the government, Congress already has bad approval ratings and only cares about re-election, not what the people want. Cycling through Congress and then back to reality would allow members to be more effective.

Article V of the Constitution would allow this amendment to be constitutional. Opponents might say experience and independence allow for more knowledge and benefits. Another point they might add is congressional term limits are undemocratic and the constituency should be able to reward and punish its representatives as it sees fit.

Even though there are some bad or corrupt legislators, it is up to the voters in each state to keep them out of office and elect those who would do a better job. As stated in the article, "the people are the best judges of who ought to represent them".

By creating term limits, Congress would be taking away the peoples' right to elect their national representatives. It does have public support, but sometimes Americans do not know what is best. Without term limits there will be people with experience compared to others who will not have as much experience as they do.

Nothing would not change with term limits, the same amount of things done would stay the same. Also, enforcing term limits is against the Constitution, so it would be near impossible to get it passed.

Faulhaber I believe that Congress should begin the process for an amendment limiting the terms for members of Congress. As said in the text, I agree that term limits are dangerous and they do not exist to just keep people out of Congress, they exist to make the rotation possible and create opportunities for new leaders to emerge into society as a whole.

There are many arguments for term limits, such as having a support of the majority of Americans, preventing legislators from becoming pro-politicians, and Representatives would be more inclined to do what is right for their constituencies, rather than what is popular. Arguments against term limits would be that they are undemocratic, because limiting who can serve goes against the principles of the constitution, longer-serving legislators are more experienced than short-serving legislators, and elections are effective in keeping bad legislators out of Congress.

First of all, I believe it would keep the government from becoming stagnant and allow fresh, new ideas into the governmental system. In addition, as the Annenberg article mentioned, the representatives would feel more obliged to do what is right for their constituents and the country rather then what is popular or has the best chance of getting them re-elected.

While there are many arguments for term limits, Senator Jon Tester made a good point about what happens with term limits. With term limits in place, he found that it was difficult to build relationships, which I can see being a problem. However, I think with some good effort and hard work one can overcome that problem and build good, solid relationships while in office, especially if the term limits were say, limited anywhere from three to five terms.

All in all, I think putting term limits in place would increase Congress's approval ratings and help bring change into the government system, which would be beneficial to everyone in America. They allow, as Austin Sekel said, for there to be new opportunities for new leaders. I feel that this is very important since our country is constantly changing socially, and in beliefs, a fresh look and new input is very important.

That being said, when considering the Congress, the more time these individuals spend together, the easier it is for them to discuss and make important decisions. Still, nonetheless, term limits are important for limiting government power, and allowing the people to give their opinions on who should be in office via elections.

If someone did a great job, they will likely be re-elected. Other arguments are for the presidency terms. I feel like if the president did a good job and did what they said they were going to do, then they should be able to get a third trimester as the president. If they did a bad job then they shouldn't be able to have a second term. Younghans, Middletown Highschool I believe that there should be term limits , but at the cost that that's what the people want.

Depending on the presidency and after the maximum terms are up then it should evaluated by congress and the people whether that individual should continue to be president or not. If the president wasn't a good one then nobody would obviously vote for them again but if they were and did the changes they said they were going to do in their campaign then it should be allowed.

I would like to see the term limits equal 2 terms but, only have 1 election. The House would serve 1 4 year term, the Senate 1 12 year term, and the President 1 8 year term. Not having to run for re-election would empower our reps to do what's best for the country and not have to worry about being popular enough to be re-elected.

I would also like to see all federal campaigns be financed by the government, limiting special interest influence on our elected officials. When someone is bad or corrupt they shouldn't stay in power. Just look at the other countries. When their dictators serve for a long time or even life, the country goes downhill to the point that the leader gets killed by rebels. It just causes conflict. Louis county MO Michael Mrs. Callahan The corruption of a politician is entirely due to the time they're in office.

I believe the election process should not require the amount of money that has become involved. Donors want a return on investment, politicians will do favors for donations. The longer they're in office the more favors they owe.

Salaries, benefits and other perks are for another discussion, but being a congressman should NOT make one wealthy. It's really fairly simple. If a congressman is serving his constituents well, and does his job, and he is re-elected, regardless of how many times, there shouldn't be an issue with that. If they do not do their job, and do not serve their constituents, then they won't be re-elected. No reason to limit the amount of time that someone can do a great job for.

It would encourage new ideas and limit prejudices and old thinking in general. It would also eliminate any possible corruption that emerges out of experience. Bradley Nimitz I would suggest to limit terms on congress, the fact is many people in politics tend to make it, basically a career. Many people would enjoy and have the experience onto having the chance to serve in the government.

Yet, the constitution never said anything about term limits in congress. The fear of having a weak government with new leaders. However, sometimes giving the chance to new things, great things can happen. However, a regular rotation allows us to adjust to the new culture, provides fresh insiders of society itself who could bring new ideas to the table with insight and reason to back it up. Without actual proof or someone to speak up to the seniority there can only be assumption.

Seniority is full of wisdom yes but if the old ways haven't worked for us we should at least be willing to see what the future leaders of our nation have to say. There's reason and motivation in those who choose to make politics their life, we should at least give them a chance.

Seniority is important when Congress members serve in committees. Their experiences in prior terms benefit them because of the wisdom gained through their triumphs and mistakes aid in better decision making and expertise in that subject.

This wisdom won't often be found in a newer member. Congress right now is running at a impasse. Older members live in safe districts where they can just stop all things they don't like and still be reelected.

We put a term limit on the president than why not on our congressman? Members of congress carry too much power if they are always in power. Congress eventually could prevent the president from getting anything done if they are opposite parties with the president, and this could keep happening if members of congress just happened to keep getting re-elected without any limits.

My reason is because when congress are in long terms they tend to get very powerful, and not have an open-mind over current situations. On the other hand, having new Congressmen in can bring in newer ideas and solutions to current problems. Also, they would be younger, have different experiences and more recent knowledge than the congress who have been in long-terms.

New congressmen will bring up an efficient government and therefore they should enforce the process for an Amendment limiting the terms of Congress.

The reason is because we are moving into an era of modernity which means we have now based our lives over technology, so we need New Congressmen, rather than the Old Congressmen, to operate and improve our society both mentally and physically. Therefore, my point is that the process for term limits should've long ago started when the new generation was coming into existence. Although the elder congressmen would no longer be there in the future, they could still help out the newer congressmen to be likewise as them.

This would effectively help our congress and could potentially improve the nation. Being a Congressman is already one of the most stressful jobs there is, it is not easy to please both the people and their political party. Term limits would only bring relief to today's fragile congress because it would give equal individual power to each congressman.

There would no longer be unequal distribution of power among the members and unequal advantage based on years of service. Unless, if the term limit is long, providing some continuity and some change. I believe there shouldn't be term limits, so the legislators can gain more experience and be more effective. Legislators should be able to keep being elected if the people like what they are doing. Reason being is because we as people are evolving which means our views are evolving as well.

With such limits, Congress is providing the opportunity for other leaders to become members in Congress. Term limits allow for new leaders to emerge in the world of politics. But by adding an amendment to the constitution that limits terms for members of Congress, the United States will be deemed as weak. If we see enough demand, we'll do whatever we can to get those notes up on the site for you! Skip to main content. You are here Home.

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The distraction of Watergate. This interpretation is borne out by the subsequent congressional acts designed to limit executive freedom in foreign policy. The War Powers Act of restrained the…. UN coalition and ultimatum.

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a formal expression of congressional opinion that must be approved by both houses of Congress and by the president; constitutional amendments need not be . Congress is divided into two bodies: the House of Representatives and the Senate. The citizens of the United States elect the people that make up these bodies. The citizens of the United States elect the people that make up these bodies.